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Nick Nappo & Drew Carrick: The Millennial Conversation

Nick Nappo of TheDailyCPA sits down to talk with Drew Carrick about millennials and their place in the workforce and society.

Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down with Drew Carrick, Senior Associate at Grant Thornton (GT), Millennial polymath, and all-around awesome bro.

He’s a CPA working as a business consultant for the Northeast region at GT, and he actually just made the switch from audit to advisory. Drew is perhaps better known throughout the accounting world as Petty Ca$h, the creator of the Public Accounting Anthem and other accounting rap songs/parodies.  When he’s not putting in time at the office or rapping, however, he’s an aspiring entrepreneur and entertainer.

So, basically…he’s one of the most interesting accountants you’ll ever meet.

His ideas about how millennials are shaping the workforce in the coming years, and how industries can embrace the coming changes, are addressed in the video.  We get real about our own experiences, our own goals, and what we think the business world’s gonna become as a new decade looms closer.

It was a really dope conversation. And we’re really excited to share it with you.  Check out the video.

You can follow Drew on social (tweet him, ‘gram him, link him in) at @carricktor.

Nick is a marketing professional in downstate New York. He digs creative strategy, digital marketing, and anything/everything deviating from the norm in communications and business development. Nick also loves film, food, trivia, poetry, friends, fun, and life. And he's still trying to find Carmen Sandiego.

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