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Year-Round CPA

CPAs work year-round, not just during tax season.

Do you only talk to your accountant or CPA once or twice a year (getting birthday and Christmas cards don’t count)?  Well if you do, it isn’t your fault.  Accountants, tax professionals, and CPAs work year-round.  Against popular belief, they don’t ship off to Hawaii after tax season.

According to Andrew Kabatchnick, CPA, post tax season months should be used to prepare for the next tax season, work with clients to find possible tax savings, and learn as many details about their clients’ financial situation as they can, such as retirement goals, investment objectives, and large future material purchases such as a house.

It will be especially important during tax year 2018 as there were may changes to the lax laws.  If January comes around and you still haven’t heard from your CPA, you might want to call Andrew.


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