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4 Tips for Building Brand Credibility

As a business, how can you build brand credibility?

Whether you are starting a new company or managing a small business that’s been around for a while, investing time and money into building brand credibility is crucial. Brand credibility and loyal customers significantly contribute to business development. They reduce expenditures on customer retention, increase brand value, generate new leads and customers by word-of-mouth promotion, and give your brand advantages over your competitors. There are numerous ways to improve brand credibility, and choosing strategies can be overwhelming. Let’s discuss a few basic ones.

Use Statistics and Customer Reviews

Customers tend to trust facts and figures rather than general declarations about the quality and usefulness of a product. Using objective data like numerals and statistics builds your customers’ confidence and trust in your products by establishing reason and logic. To acquire this data, you would have to perform research and analysis, or utilize business intelligence tools. You can do this by using data-collecting methods like surveys, polls, forms, one-on-one interviews, and focus group discussions. Use the acquired specific data points in your website, advertisements, and sale pitches.

While statistical and factual evidence can do a lot to bolster brand credibility, it isn’t the only pillar. Customers’ honest opinions and reviews can more efficiently garner people’s trust. This is true as they are more credible and have lesser chances of being manipulated, unlike statistical data. 

Make sure you provide your customers with a space on your website to share their experiences and reviews. Monitor this section to find positive quotes from the reviews you can use on your website, advertisements, or promotional activities. You can also offer your customers prompts to answer, increasing your brand’s engagement with customers.

Improve Customer-service

Your customers’ satisfaction with your brand and its service is essential for its reputation – you must do everything to keep them satisfied. One way to do that is by improving your customer service. There are many strategies you can employ to improve customer service.

To begin, set concrete customer-service standards and communicate them to your employees. You can also create a quality assurance checklist and provide it to your employees. Additionally, train your employees to be more empathetic in your performance coaching sessions.

You can also make it easier for your customers to get their queries answered without contacting your customer service team by creating a space for customer self-service (CSS). Examples include an FAQ page, a help center, or a community forum. These can help customers resolve their issues themselves more quickly and easily.

Using Social Media

Statistics show that more than 25% of social media users use such platforms to research products to buy. This shows that using social media platforms can be a powerful tool for marketing your brand and improving brand recognition, image, and credibility. 

It’s essential to create high-quality content consistently that is valuable to visitors. This will impact their engagement with your social media pages, how long they stay, and create a loyal following for your brand. Having a considerable following on your social media pages plays a significant role in building brand credibility. 

Having many followers will show potential customers that many people trust your brand and engage with you. You can get real Famoid followers for your Instagram page to get a headstart; avoid purchasing bots at all costs.

Additionally, ensure that your content isn’t always about advertising your services. Follow the 80/20 rule, making 80 percent of your content interesting, engaging, and knowledgeable and the other 20 percent promotional. This will make your followers less likely to get annoyed or dismiss promotional posts as spam and more likely to notice them and engage. Social media is also a great way to listen to your customers and followers, quickly answer their questions, and engage with them. You can also thank the customers talking about you using social media management tools. The greater your engagement and interaction with people, the more they’ll trust and reach out to you.  

Transparency and Honesty

Honesty and transparency are critical drivers of brand credibility. Try to recognize your business’s strengths and weaknesses and be open about them. Additionally, if you think your brand and its services aren’t suitable for the customer’s demands anywhere, guide them towards one that would be a better fit. This will show that you care about your customer’s needs and not just about sales and profit, increasing their trust in you.

It’s also essential for brands to be truthful in advertising. The bolder your claims about your products or services, the greater the chance your customers will be disappointed. When advertising, focus on what you honestly believe to be your product’s best qualities and try not to overclaim. Also, try to verify the accuracy of these claims by using statistics and figures and incorporate them wherever you can while advertising.

Best Ways to Build Brand Credibility – Summary

Significant time, money, and energy go into building brand credibility, but it’s worth the investment. Not only will you get loyal customers who will keep returning for your products and services, but they’ll also help bring in new customers by promoting your brand. You’ll also save money you would have otherwise used in customer retention strategies.

Ensure you are honest with your customers about your products and their quality. Stay true to any promises you might’ve made. Improve customer service and strategically use the various social media platforms to your advantage. Using these basic principles will help you enjoy loyal customers that trust you and will stick around for a long time.

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