5 common problems faced by CPAs
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5 Common Problems Faced by CPAs

CPAs must become more comprehensive, tech savvy, and proactive to maintain their competitive edge.

Every year CPAs face a set of new challenges and obstacles and need to find a way of overcoming them quickly before their business suffers. This is the reason why it is important for them to not only identify the problems, but also to create a plan of action. In this article I will detail 5 common problems faced by CPAs.

Knowing how to handle these difficult situations will reduce their adverse impact on the future.  Listed below are the top 5 common problems faced by CPAs.

1) Do-it-yourself economy

The world is becoming more and more digitalized and with that, it is becoming easier for individuals to do different tasks themselves. Many clients have the opinion that accounting is simple data entry and a computer or free tax software will do all the work for them.

This is where CPAs need to step in – it is our job to inform them of the implications of not letting a professional do the work for them, and that their time is more valuable focusing on their work or business.

2) Increased expectations

Being a CPA is not as simple as it used to be. Today, CPAs are expected to be a business consultant and wealth manager as well. Traditional services are a thing of the past and focusing on your clients’ broad needs and being an advisor are a necessity. The hardest thing is finding the time to bring in this expertise and is one of the 5 common problems faced by CPAS.

3) First In Last Out (FILO)

FILO stands for first in, last out, and sounds similar to methods used in managing inventory and cash flow.  However this term applies to CPAs’ personal lives.  Running your firm, meeting with clients, learning how to use new technology, and managing your staff all demand your precious time.  Dealing with these situations are first in priority on your to do list, while having ‘me time’ is last.

4) New Recruits

Especially with smaller firms, it is becoming much more difficult to hold on to qualified talent. Retaining those employees is vital in regards to growing as a firm as employee turnover costs the firm time and money.

5) Dog-eat-dog world

Running a firm was never going to be easy, but competition has increased and it has become extremely difficult to grow a practice.  It is important to know who your competitors are, what services they are offering, and how they differ from your firm.

5 Common Problems Faced by CPAS – Summary

Knowing some of the common problems CPAs face will hopefully help you be able to overcome roadblocks in the future.  To keep up with the accelerating pace of change and complexity, CPAs must become more comprehensive, tech savvy, and proactive to maintain their competitive edge.

Hopefully this article detailing 5 common problems faced by CPAs was useful. For more articles like this check out this section of our website.

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