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5 Science Based Methods for Boosting Employee Productivity

Here are some great ways to boost employee productivity!

Productivity is a driving force for many employers to make significant changes in how their businesses operate. After all, the more employees can achieve in the average working day, the less they cost. This can equate to more profit a company can make. 

However, many business owners struggle to maximize their employees’ productivity while maintaining happiness and high retention rates. Try some of these science-backed productivity methods, and you might succeed where others have failed. 

Time Clocks

FingerTec and Xenio fingerprint time clocks are ideal for small businesses, while larger enterprises may prefer to opt for an access control system with an integrated biometric time clock. Either way, this is an investment that will earn its keep with the productivity gains it delivers. 

Indeed, time clocks can solve multiple problems, with productivity being just one of them. Fingerprint time clocks allow for accurate time-keeping while making employees more aware of the time they have to perform tasks. On top of the enhanced accountability that follows when employees must sign in and out with their fingerprints, some studies have shown that increased time perception improves work efficiency.

Encourage Breaks

A great way you can start boosting employee productivity is by encouraging breaks. Many business owners and managers assume that working through their breaks, or taking less of them, equates to more productivity. However, studies have found that the opposite can be true.

Encourage your employees to take breaks, and you might notice surprising productivity gains. In a study conducted by tech company Draugiem Group, employees that took regimented breaks were more productive than those who didn’t. They achieved higher productivity by working uninterrupted for 52 minutes, followed by a 17-minute break.

Discourage Multitasking

Another thing to do to start boosting employee productivity is to discourage multitasking. Multitasking might seem like it makes you the master of productivity and achievement, but it doesn’t. Research has shown that multitasking makes us less efficient. When we multitask, we spend more time completing jobs because we have to turn off the cognitive rules of one task and make room for the new rules of another. 

A University of Sussex study also found that multitasking negatively impacts social-emotional well-being and cognition. The next time you assign multiple tasks to employees, encourage them to focus on one at a time. This is for their benefit and yours. 

Workplace Renovations

Making sure your employees workplace is top notch is another great way that you can be boosting employee productivity. While you might not be eager to invest significant money in renovations just to experience a productivity boost, it might be worth it in the long run. Well-planned work environment changes can contribute significantly to overall productivity. 

For example, blue walls might result in more efficiency because it’s a harmonious color that helps the brain focus and relieves stress. People also sometimes work faster when the temperature is at 77 degrees. Also, employees can be more productive when they have plants, natural light, and ergonomic furniture like desk chairs

Allow Naps

Few employers would ever allow staff to nap at work. However, it might be worth trying if you’re open to new ideas. Scientists have found that 10-30-minute power naps can boost our brains and improve creative problem-solving, learning, and memory. While it may seem like sacrilege to take a nap at work, allowing this could actually help you to start boosting employee productivity.

Play Music

Researchers looking into music in the workplace have discovered that it might have beneficial effects on individual work performance. Many busy workers have also found that calming, classical, and lyric-free music makes repetitive tasks more manageable, improves focus, and drowns out background noise. While the type of music, volume, and play length might all affect how helpful it can be, it’s worth keeping this information in mind when searching for ways to boost productivity. 

Improving employee productivity can be complicated, and not all methods you try will produce the desired results. However, by exploring the science behind some of the most popular methods, you should find something that works for your unique workplace.

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