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5 Ways Businesses Can Make the Most Out of the Summer Months.

This article gives insight on how businesses can take advantage of the slow summer months.

The beautiful summer months: where everyone is on holiday and your inbox gets deluged with ‘out of office’ messages. Business goes quiet – what are you supposed to do?

Before you realize it this temporary quiet period will come to an end. What can you do during this time to keep your firm ahead and grow your business? The answer is simple, be an innovative accounting firm and business owner and make the most out of the summer months by trying out the following recommendations!

Work flow planning – Use your downtime to breakdown your clients and their reoccurring jobs. Are there any processes you can make more efficient or standardize? This will help reduce training time when you get a new team member or hire an outsourcing partner.

Upgrade to more efficient technology – Progressive accounting firms are always on the look out for new and innovative technology, and even your clients want you to help them be hands-on with technology. Assess the status of your current system and determine the benefits of moving up to another level before the busy season. More Efficient = More Time. Time = Money.

Interact with your clients – Don’t be an accountant that sees their client just once a year – follow up with your clients on a regular basis. Get client feedback on the quality of service they received and utilize the information you receive to improve your services. You may even get a few more referrals coming your way.

Review your business plan – When was the last time you checked on your business plan? Revamp that list and make a mid-year plan to CRUSH those goals!

Make the most of social media – During periods of increased work volume, using social media is usually not the priority for businesses. But with everyone becoming active on social media sites it is important to have a presence and there is no better time than now. Check what networks your audience is on and communicate with them. Better yet, plan and schedule your postings for the busy season.

The summer months are a great time to expand your knowledge and brush up on skills that will make you more valuable to your clients.

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