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Adding That Personal Touch to Your Customer Experience

In a world driven by technology, the human connection remains paramount.

Boosting your brand through the power of personal touch is one of the easiest ways that you can recapture your customers’ attention, win over loyalty, and, most importantly, stand out from the competition. A personal touch used to be the bread and butter of brands, however today things are no longer as such. Here, we will detail how adding a personal touch to your customer experience can have positive impacts on your business.

Before industrialization, every step, from production to sales, was personal. While eCommerce has certainly changed the game and put the power back into the hands of small businesses, it does come with a distance. Bridging that distance successfully is how you can actively benefit from being a small eCommerce brand without losing out on that ever-important connection with your customers. 

People want to connect, and they want to feel special. If you’re unsure of how to bridge that gap and get started with adding that personal touch to make it all possible, then try out these top tips. 

Send Handwritten Notes with Your Orders

Handwritten notes are a great way to immediately stand out and are an easy way to add that personal touch to your business’ customer experience efforts. Most people never expect anything handwritten, even from friends or family, which makes it that much more special. If you’re operating a very small business, then try to write these notes yourself and add as much personalization as you can. As you get larger and the orders start piling up, you’ll then want to carry on the tradition of sending out handwritten notes automatically.

What this means is that you can have a robot write a handwritten note with a pen and your message, and have it sent out on your behalf. Since you can integrate the message generation into your own system, you can easily and automatically send out those notes with every purchase and use them again to recapture previous customers and transform them into lifelong fans. 

Partner with Your Real Customers

Yes, partnering with social media influencers and other big marketers is always going to be a key strategy. However, for the best results, never forget about your real customers. Creating an ad campaign with your real customers can really help you to attract the attention and admiration of your customers, especially for on-page content.

At a minimum, you can share user-generated content (with credits and permissions). A more advanced way to see this tip through is to get testimonials. However, you may want to partner with your customers to create an ad campaign that puts the real people buying your products in the spotlight. Personalizing ad campaigns using real customers is a great way to boost overall customer experience.

Showing Your and Your Team’s Faces 

A powerful way that you can make your business feel more authentic and boost overall customer experience is to show your actual face. Talk to your audience, address any concerns directly, and let them see your personality. There’s nothing like showing your personal self when it comes to adding a personal touch to your business.

Done right, and people will want to follow you just to support you. They’ll cheer on your successes and want to be an active part of the business that you’re growing. This doesn’t mean that you can go on uncensored but keep working on establishing a brand identity that includes your real identity. 

Skip the AI Chatbot 

Unless you’re swamped with messages, AI chatbots just frustrate customers. You’d need a very good one that can completely fool customers, but even then, it isn’t enough. That’s why you should try to respond directly as often as you can. You can automate certain messages and use a chatbot to help customers send detailed notes about their concerns, questions, or complaints, but leave the actual communication parts to people so they can provide that personal touch. AI chatbots and automated phone services are not examples of a personalized customer experience.

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