Andrew Kabatchnick, CPA

Andrew Kabatchnick, CPA, a licensed financial advisor, describes how he got started in the accounting field.

Andrew’s interest in accounting all started when he took a basic accounting class in high school.  Knowing he always wanted to go into business, he then went on to get an undergraduate degree in economics, and then received a master’s degree in the same subject.

Remembering how much his accounting class resonated with him, Andrew decided to pursue CPA licensure, which he completed.  Throughout this whole time, Andrew held many different positions and roles, whether they were internships or full-time positions.  He has worked at companies such as Deloitte, in offices such as the Empire State Building, and has also worked for smaller firms.

During his professional career, he was gaining experience which would eventually lead to him being his own boss.  Wanting more flexibility for himself and his family, Andrew decided to go off on his own.  With the support of his business partner, Andrew purchased an accounting firm, which has been very rewarding.

According to Andrew, one of the best parts of his current role is being treated like family by his clients.  Often, they call him asking for financial advice such as how to buy a new car, if they should be saving for a house or for their children’s college expenses, as well as questions regarding if and how they should invest.

A piece of advice that Andrew leaves us with is that no matter what your field is, be sure to find a mentor who can guide you through your industry.  Whether you are gearing up to start your own business, or just want to be a successful manager in a current position, be sure to find a mentor.

Andrew can be reached at  Visit his website to learn more about all of the financial services he has to offer.

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