Are Wiley’s CFA Prep Materials Worth It
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Are Wiley’s CFA Prep Materials Worth It?

Short answer - yes.

In several previous articles, I have discussed everything that is included in one of Wiley’s CFA study packages, specifically Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course. These articles cover the package specifics, benefits of Wiley’s package, as well as several specific tools that make this package better than others on the market. With all of that being said, it doesn’t really answer the question of are Wiley’s CFA prep materials worth it?

Well after my experience, the answer to that questions is most certainly yes.

Package Overview

In my pursuit of the CFA designation, I decided that it would be beneficial to supplement the CFA Level I curriculum materials with a study package from a trusted third party. After searching online and reading several reviews, I decided to purchase Wiley’s level I CFA Gold Course

There are so many resources included in this package, all which have been designed to prepare you for exam day.  I have written other articles that detail exactly what is included in this package, but some of my personal favorite resources include:

  • Exam Planner – a tool that creates a customized study plan for you based on your studying start date, exam day, and how many hours a day you allot to study.
  • Bite Sized Lessons – Wiley breaks down each section of the curriculum into lessons, which are further broken down into specific readings.  These readings are short and to the point, and don’t waste time by including any unnecessary details.
  • Test Bank – the only way you’ll be able to pass the exam is by working through practice questions. Wiley goes above and beyond here and includes several thousand test bank questions that will help you on exam day.
  • Video Lectures – each reading is paired with a video lecture where the instructor reviews the technical terms, concepts, and even example problems.
  • Virtual Classroom ­– still looking for more? Well Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course includes a weekly review of the most important topics in the entire CFA curriculum. These sessions last around 3-4 hours and are a great place to interact with the instructors and ask any questions you may have. 

For a more detailed look at everything included in Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course, be sure to check out this article. To understand why you should choose Wiley over any other study material provider, take a look at what makes Wiley stand out in this review here. And lastly, for a more in-depth look at the virtual classroom, be sure to read this.

Interested in a free trial of Wiley’s CFA courses? Well visit this page for more details. If you are thinking about purchasing any study package from Wiley, be sure to use the promo code DAILY20 at checkout for a 20% discount!

So, are Wiley CFA prep materials worth it?

From my personal experience, the answer to this question is definitely. But why? Well there are several reasons.

Saves you time.

In general, Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course will save you valuable time throughout your pursuit of the CFA designation. This time can then be spent studying more – every minute and hour really adds up.

The two specific areas that saved me the most time are the exam planner and the flash card back. To learn more about the flash card bank, check out this article where I detail it more.

The exam planner is an interactive tool that lets you set your study start date, the day you are going to sit for the exam, and the amount of hours you have to spend each day studying. From there, this tool determines what lesson you need to review on each day and the amount of time that is recommended spending on his specific reading.  If I didn’t have this tool I would have had to create a spreadsheet and tracking things manually in excel – a huge waste. 

The other resource that saved me a ton of time that is included in Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course is the flash card bank. Personally when I am studying I use flash cards often.  I physically handwrite hundreds of flashcards that cover terms, broad concepts, as well as formulas. This process takes so long, but thanks to Wiley’s flash card bank, all the hard work is done for me.

Also, think about it this way. By using all of the resources included in this package, you should have a higher chance of passing the exam compared to your chances relying on the curriculum alone. If you decide not to use supplemental study materials, you may end up failing which will be a huge waste of time and can even be a setback in your entire career.

Saves you money.

Supplemental study materials for the CFA exams can be pretty expensive. This is for good reason though – these packages, specifically Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course, offer a ton of value.

You know what is also expensive? Signing up for any of the CFA exams. All in all, if you take all three exams, you are looking at several thousand dollars. And that is assuming you don’t fail any of them and have to retake them.

By spending money now on a study package like Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course you are increasing your chances of passing which will reduce the possibility of having to spend more money on a retake. Also think about the opportunity cost of having to retake an exam. The CFA designation may lead to a raise at work, a promotion, or enable you to get a higher paying job. Having to retake an exam or two not only will cost you money to sign up, but means you’ll forgo that bonus in the meantime.

Although you may not want to pay for the study package upfront, the amount of money it could potentially save you in the long run really makes Wiley’s CFA prep materials worth it.

Designed to help you pass.

The last reason why Wiley’s CFA prep materials, specifically the Level I CFA Gold Course, are worth purchasing is because they are designed to help you pass.  They have mastered the formula and know just what to include to help you throughout your studies.  All of the instructors/tutors that you will see in the lesson videos and the virtual classroom are all CFA charter holders themselves.  There is no better way to learn than this.

Apart from that, there are so many resources included in the package to ensure you understand the topics and concepts covered. The entire layout of the study package is great and really tests your knowledge throughout. You will also be answering practice questions that are just like the ones you will find on the CFA exams. On top of all of this, Wiley gives you unlimited access to your study materials until you pass the exam.  What this means is that you will only need to purchase a level specific package once.

Are Wiley’s CFA Prep Materials Worth It – Summary

After using Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course I can definitely say that purchasing this package is worth it. There are so many resources included such as the exam planner, bite sized lessons, test banks, and video lessons that have all been created to help you save time and study more effectively.

All of the tools and resources included in this package will ultimately save you time, save you money, and are all designed to help you pass which makes Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course a great value and worth the price.

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Peter holds a Master's Degree in Information Systems, has passed the first level of the CFA exam, and is currently working as a data analyst for a financial institution while studying for Level II of the CFA exam.

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