Best Ways to Increase Profitability at Your Accounting Firm
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Best Ways to Increase Profitability at Your Accounting Firm

There are many ways accounting firms can increase profitability, here are the best ones.

Accounting firms across the world are different from one another, but the issues they face are not. Here I will detail the best ways to increase profitability at your accounting firm.


To reduce inefficiencies and increase the firm’s client base, accounting professionals like CPAs and CFOs have to be creative with their approach. Despite employing measures like offshore accounting, companies are still flummoxed about increasing year-end profits.

The problem is not as complicated as it may seem. All these firms need is a sound strategy and careful planning.

So, here are the seven best ways to increase profitability at your accounting firm.

Communication Plan

A cost-effective manner through which an accounting firm can grow its business is through a proper communication plan. A communication plan ensures that the client and business partners are always informed about the relevant information about the firm. It also helps the front end office staff while they are dealing with clients.

Before a communication channel is a set-up, the firm must analyze the target market. This can consist of your existing customers that may not know about the various other kinds of services the firm might be providing. The target market can also be a list of potential business partners. 

While working on improving communication with newer clients, firms must take steps to ensure the needs of their older clients are looked after. This can be done through regular meetings and calls to catch up. Important clients must be given personal attention. This will not only help with strengthening their loyalty but will also increase their dealings with you. In other words, the firm must demonstrate the value of the services that they are providing.

Efficient Time Utilization

Procrastinating and completing projects just before the deadline does not equate to efficient work. Partners must delegate the work but also look after how the employees are utilizing their time to complete it.

By analyzing this, the partners can come up with a model that prioritizes the work that will give the highest return. The efficiency of the employees can be increased via this model. Time will not be wasted doing things that don’t really matter much.

With offshore accounting companies taking off, the business partners must focus more on the client and potential client. The partners sometimes get caught in the mundane tasks of the firm that could have been handled by other employees. The key players in the firm must focus their attention on bringing in more business and ways to grow the company. 

Creating the Perfect Product

The business must also analyze the range of the products and the services that they are offering. The firm need not offer hundreds of services to grow. At the same time the firm should not narrow down their offering to a limited range of products and services. They must also take into consideration the needs of the client’s business.

A firm can specialize in a very particular niche and can generate profit through a limited clientele. This will enable them to apply the Pareto principle and improve their business.

The Pareto principle, in the context of business models, states that 80% of the revenue should come from 20% of the clients. Growth is certain for the businesses which can figure out the product that 20% of their clients want.

Creating the perfect product and honing in on your niche is one of the best ways to increase profitability at your accounting firm.

Value Pricing

Another one of the best ways to increase profitability at your accounting firm is to offer value pricing for your services. Clients prefer getting the most value out of the dollars they spend. Proper pricing of the product and services, therefore, will be beneficial for both the clients and the firm.

The firm will be able to identify the demographic of the clients that are willing to pay the price set by them. They can then integrate this information into their communication plans, which will help them target the right potential buyers of their services. This will help them increase the value of their overall firm and boost the business.

Prices for finance and accounting outsourcing can get confusing with certain hidden charges. For a client, a crystal clear pricing policy will help them make their decisions more swiftly. They will be aware of exactly how much they will get for every dollar spent. The transparency with the client will help the business in the long run, improving client retention rates. Remember, as the value of the firm increases, price packages must be adjusted accordingly.

Selecting the right person for the right job.

For the firm to work like a well-oiled machine, the parts should be looked after and be replaced once in a while. The employees of the firm are one of the important factors that the business partners should not ignore. If the employee turnover is high, expenditures will rise as they will have to continuously conduct training programs. Therefore, along with client retention, employee retention must also be prioritized.

That said, it is a must for firms to retain only those employees that contribute to its growth. This will assure better efficiency. The business partners must ensure that the client and the employee are compatible with each other while assigning them to their services. This will allow the employee to perform to the best of the abilities and help the business get the approval of the client.


Another one of the best ways to increase profitability at your accounting firm is through effective marketing.

How well are your products marketed? What service needs better marketing strategies? A thorough market analysis can help answer these questions, as it will determine the products and services preferred the most by the clients. The accounting firm can then adjust their marketing strategy to include those services and products and target a larger potential client. 

The marketing strategy should be adopted by the entire firm. This way, they can sell other products and services to their existing clients. The employees of the firm must be made aware of the services that bring in the most business. This will help them shift their focus on these processes. Alternatively, companies can try improving poorly performing services. 

Client Experience

Once we start breaking down the processes, we find that client experience is the essential element. The firm must ensure to keep the client interaction consistent, as some employees might be delivering differently to different clients.

Client experience is the only process that cannot be automated or outsourced. Therefore, focus must be put on providing clients with the services they need, which will improve retention rates.

Best Ways to Increase Profitability at Your Accounting Firm – Summary

Applying all the methods mentioned above will not increase the business overnight. A sound marketing strategy, coupled with the pricing model, may help speed up the process.

For all the suggestions mentioned above to work properly, a proper plan must be put into place to track progress, while ensuring communications are efficiently managed. Keeping clients happy should be the prime focus, as they can affect profitability greatly. Firms can achieve this by adjusting pricing and services according to client requirements, while also keeping an open line of communication with them.

When all of these come together, you have a firm bursting with potential and growth.

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Bharati Kakadiya is Director & Co-Founder at CapActix Business Solutions Pvt.Ltd., an accounting outsourcing and offshore staffing company for CPA & Accounting firms. She is the member of Chartered Accountants of India and prominently owns degree of Masters in Commerce. Being an accounting professional and having leadership skills, she loves to read and write on the topics that influence the readers of the accounting industry.

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