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Business Ideas for the Post Pandemic Remote Worker

Looking to switch it up and go out on your own now that you are used to remote working?

The pandemic caused a lot of changes across industries. Restaurants and sports had to shut down, employees had to deal with furlough, or a lack of, and employers were suddenly met with the concept of working from home. 

But we adapted, and we adapted well, if only in a temporary state. But once the doors were open again, we had new ideas, newly tested out on the lockdown public. A lot of us also had a love for remote working, and were perhaps wondering what we actually needed middle management for anymore? Why do they need a boss at all? We could get used to this…!

If that sounds like you, maybe you’d like to continue the remote working idea, but add on the element of being your own boss. It’s a popular idea to start your own business, and always was. Now we have new ideas for businesses that don’t take a remortgage on the house to kick off. You can do all of these entirely from your home! Take a look at our business ideas for remote workers to perhaps spark some inspiration.

Affiliate Marketer

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is likely to play a big role in whatever venture you go into next. If you’re looking to be your own boss, you’re also going to need to toot your own horn. 

The easiest way to do that is to become an influencer. No, really. 

By definition, an influencer uses social media to market themselves. You’ve got a business to market, so you can use the lessons from influencers to market that business. You may be able to even make money from the influencing itself. 

That’s why the first idea we’ve got is to start an affiliate blog. You can make a decent salary from simply showcasing products and brands that will pay you a commission to drive traffic to their site. A couple of hours of creating blog posts a month can earn you a minimum wage salary.  

Plus, influencing offers a lot of transferable skills. These skills may be ones that you do not get exposure to in your day job. Some of the transferable skills include networking and negotiation.

Couple that with the fact that people are using social media as a portfolio, and you’ve got a place to impress with your editing, filming, photography, and business skills. You can accomplish all of this in one place or platform, and the medium makes is so easy for people to stumble across.

Freelance Options

Of course, if you’re looking to be your own boss, the simplest solution is to do simply that. Break out on your own, take the knowledge, and maybe clients, you have with you and do it for yourself. Freelancing is one of the many great business ideas for the post pandemic remote worker. You’ll be able to work as little or as much as you want without having to worry about job security. 

If you don’t fancy going freelance with what you’re already doing, as it was maybe supposed to be a temporary thing while you found something better, there are lots of other options. Take a look at your skillset and see what else is out there. If you have organizational skills, you can be a personal assistant to various clients. If you like to write you can search for copywriting or journalism gigs. Lastly, if you are into the numbers you can look into accounting.

You can use a lot of tools found online to make things easier too. A lot of platforms are created to outright automate a lot of tedious tasks that used to take an entire salary to get done. For example, read Pulpstream’s guide to insurance automation here for more information.

Flipping Options

Another one of the many business ideas for post pandemic remote workers is to ‘flip’ items. If you’re more the handy type, you can look into flipping furniture. Upcycling is a trend that is gaining traction and not going away anytime soon. Lucky for you, there isn’t just fast fashion. You can also upcycle furniture. There are a lot of awesome items that people abandon in the thrift stores or even on the street. 

Sometimes they simply need a deep cleaning. In other cases, you may need to apply a lick of paint. The best thing about this is that you can be as creative as you want. Interior design trends are moving towards colorful furniture to the point that even Ikea flatpacks are coming in a range of fun shades. That’s thanks to the upcycling trend. 

If upcycling or flipping furniture doesn’t interest you, there’s always clothes. If you like sniffing out a bargain you can wander the charity shops for items like designer labels, sports memorabilia, and vintage and high value clothes. 

Buy items for pennies and sell them for a profit. Depending on the size of the furniture you can spend as much as $10 to $200 for an item that you can then up sale massively. 

But how would you sell that at home? With an online service of course. eCommerce is the way forward for just about every retail company, even small companies. You can look up a guide on how to make your own online store and get started selling upcycled furniture out of your garage. 

Business Ideas for Remote Workers

As you can see, there are a ton of business ideas for remote workers. Depending on your skill set and your goals, you have a ton of different options. For instance, you could start to freelance, become an affiliate marketer, or even upcycle a wide range of products.

The options are endless and really depend on you.

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