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Celeste Leon: Accounting & Poetry

Busy season is near the end
Can you see the blink of beacon?
Final emails have been sent
Audit Reports are in check
We have made it to fruition

Late nights working to completion
Young auditors learn to be independent
Substantive testing is in the making
While Seniors take the charge And truly think beyond the charts
Managers overview and double check
Leading the team away from wreck

The lesson is the sweetest
The reminder we all needed
Team work makes the dream work
Your strength is not my competition
Like bees in a beehive, we are supporting the vision

This wave has reached its descent
Partners come together and give the final check
We did it, our jobs are thoughtful and needed
We give assurance and create trust
So our markets succeed and continue on

Celeste Leon is an Asset Management Audit Associate at KPMG US, while studying to become a CPA (FAR and AUD passed). She writes poetry and blogs on her free time and loves to read and dance. Celeste has lived in 4 countries throughout her life, including Canada, Peru, England and the United States, and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

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