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How to Create a YouTube Channel to Attract Your Audience

Starting a YouTube channel can be fun and lucrative!

YouTube continues to amaze with its rapid and incredible growth. Even 5 years ago, we could not have imagined that this platform would become one of the most popular video content viewing platforms. Now hosting occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most visited sites of this year. Above YouTube is only Google. Here, we will detail how you can create a YouTube channel.

Tips to Create a YouTube Channel – Overview

Influencers, authors of thematic channels, major brands, and business owners create channels to increase sales or awareness. Developers create a lot of opportunities to monetize their channel. With the right use of tools, you can succeed. This is true even if you decide to start a career in video blogging only this year.

Due to the fierce and great competition, many doubt whether it is worth starting a YouTube account. Our answer is absolutely yes. If you feel that you have creative potential and a desire to throw yourself in a new field, start creating a channel now!

Many people even decide to create a YouTube channel as a side gig to generate passive income.

Page Design

It is important that the first impression of the channel is positive. In order for people to go to your videos more often through search, you need to come up with a great channel name.

The name of the channel is limited only by your imagination. It can be a pseudonym, a real name, or a fictional name. But don’t forget that the main thing is associations. Come up with a name that will be related to the topic of the channel or personal blog. This way it will be easier for users to find your page in the future. 

Channel Description

An important role is played by the channel description. Here, you must briefly and clearly explain who you are, what content you publish and how you differ from hundreds of other authors. 

Many hosting users tend to memorize a visual image rather than text. Choose a good portrait or a bright logo to use as an avatar. The more memorable the photo you set, the more likely it is that viewers will not lose your channel among hundreds of others.

To create a competitive look, you need to create a list of followers, comments, likes and views. In most cases, novice bloggers buy youtube subscribers, but it is also known that some popular authors use this method to attract advertisers and increase the cost of their services.

When the account is set up and ready to receive new viewers, you can start optimizing videos and promoting content.


Keywords are also very important and you must understand them if you want to create a YouTube channel. These tags known as keywords help promote your content to the top. SEO optimization is one of the main tools for promoting a page on a website. In addition to high-quality content, it is necessary to choose the relevant words for the title and description.

Analyze the most popular queries related to the topic of your channel. You need to understand which keywords will be most relevant to potential viewers. In the title, you must specify a few words that describe the content of the video as clearly and clearly as possible. We do not recommend using clickbait, because it disappoints users and it is unlikely that they will log into your account to explore other content.

In the description of the video, you can place links to people who participated in the video, affiliate materials or selling text. 

Video Length

If you want to create a YouTube channel, you need to think about the optimization of your video length. One of the main ranking factors on the platform is the viewing time.

We advise you to experiment with the length of the published content and check which videos subscribers watch longer – long or short. Statistics will help you understand what duration of clips is relevant for your audience. If there are few videos on the channel, you can analyze the average length of the most viewed content on the right topic and use this information to get a successful result.


It happens that newcomers to blogging fail to achieve success using only video opt-in. Then other ways of promotion come to the rescue, such as advertising from popular makers, cheating viewers and commenting. But given the experience of now-famous influencers, we can say that the most effective and fastest way to get the first followers is to turn to specialized services from which you can buy real youtube subscribers.

This method is especially relevant for those who want to create a solid look of the page, but are not ready to spend hundreds of dollars. The main thing is to analyze the work of the company and communicate with the managers on the site to make sure that you are buying accounts of real people, and not fake bots.

Tips to Create a YouTube Channel – Summary

High-quality interesting content, competent optimization and effective ways of promotion work wonders. When you combine these factors together, you will see how quickly the page will change. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers are guaranteed to you if you take a responsible approach to running the channel. Good luck!

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