Establish Your Own Business After You Pass the CPA Exam
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How to Establish Your Own Business After You Pass the CPA Exam

After receiving your CPA license, you may want to ask yourself the question of "What next?" Have you thought about establishing your own business?

The challenges of the CPA exam should never be underestimated, but once you have that coveted license, you have so many options. You can work for a great firm, in-house at a wonderful start-up, and of course, you can also strike out on your own and establish your own business:

Know the Right Time to Start Your Own Business

The most important step when it comes to opening your own business after securing your CPA license is to know when the right time to branch off on your own is. If you are completely green, you may find it more helpful to work for a firm or in-house for a big company before opening your own business. Just use your time to plan and perfect your business plan, so when you are ready, you’ll get it right.

Build Up A Client List

If you have worked as an accountant or with a firm beforehand, you can leverage your own network to start building your client list. Otherwise, you have friends, family, and their businesses that you can take on as your clients.

Marketing Solutions That Work

Building up a client list can be seen as reaching out to businesses and professionals. Marketing works by attracting those same clients to your door. Using both approaches is a must to build a healthy client list and expand your options. The main solutions that you will want to look into include:

1.    PPC Marketing

PPC marketing allows you to take advantage of high-traffic sites like Google or Instagram and place your ad in front of those who are looking for services like yours. You will need to conduct demographic and keyword research ahead of time, and of course, analyze reports and make adjustments to see long-term success with this tactic.

2.    Show Your Expertise

Showcasing your expertise is just good business sense, as it can help new clients trust you know what you are talking about, and when it comes to doing their taxes or completing an audit, you aren’t just adequate, but rather at the top of your game. To showcase your expertise, you’ll want to try to get interviewed, host talks, be invited to conferences, and so on, and these require careful networking with the right people.

3.    SEO and Guest Blogging

PPC marketing is now, showcasing your expertise through PR tactics is short-lived, so to round off your marketing efforts, you will want to invest in SEO and guest blogging. On-site SEO also works to ensure your website and digital content is friendly to the users that visit. In contrast, guest blogging services from companies like Click Intelligence allow you to build up a strong and diverse backlink profile that helps to increase your natural ranking on search engines.

Use Scalable Solutions

When it comes to the systems and software that you use, always aim for the scalable options. It will save you a massive headache in the future when hiring another CPA or just expanding operations if you don’t have to hack your software or migrate to a better version. Cloud-based solutions often offer this scalability as one of their main features, so you can keep to your budget and enjoy the right amount of storage at all stages.

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