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How to Hire Top Talent in Your Area (and Keep Them)

How can you hire and retain top talent?

Every business succeeds due to the hard work, dedication, and talent of the people behind the scenes. While it’s possible to do more with fewer people thanks to digital and AI-assisted tools, there’s nothing that can outright replace hardworking, talented people. The creative drive and that human connection make a difference, but only when everyone working behind the curtain is on the same page. You need your employees to work hard, work well together, and be creative about it. 

It can be hard to find good people, yes. Sometimes it can feel like the only people working for you are the ones you have to hound to get things done. No one wants to nag. However, if you aren’t hiring the right people and retaining them, that’s exactly what can happen. 

Thankfully, there are things that you can do to improve your hiring process. There are also tips for employee retention. The secret to improving your hiring process and increasing retention starts by reading this guide. So, lets look at the ways you can hire top talent.

Create Clear Roles

One thing that many businesses struggle with is defining roles. It may feel like you just want to hire someone who can be there to do as many different jobs as necessary. You can, but the fact is you won’t get anyone that’s top of their field. You’ll end up hiring unnecessary people this way and still make a mess out of your management style. 

That’s why you need to work out what tasks are essential if you want to hire top talent. Then, determine who can comfortably do them, and designate roles to accommodate. If there’s a missing person, you can then hire someone who will prop up your team rather than muddy it. 

Use Local Employment Agencies 

Using employment agencies can be a great way to hire top talent with less fuss and without wasting time. Using large, national options, however, isn’t a good idea. Working with smaller agencies like Snelling Talent Partners that focus on a local market can help give you greater resources to the people that are prime candidates for you while giving you a better customer experience overall. 

Develop Your Staff

Hiring entry-level positions is a great way to get people in to do the jobs that you need. However, but if you want to create a company culture that retains top talent, you’re going to need to develop your staff. Offer training opportunities and sponsor employees’ education or their attendance at talks or conferences. This way, they can really push their careers further. 

People leave bad bosses and dead-end jobs. Work on becoming a great boss to the people you want to stay and giving them options for their future. Upwards progression opportunities are great, yes, but you’ll also want to help them train and develop their skill set. Not only will this convince more people to stay, but it will give you a more talented pool of employees while you’re at it. So, when you hire top talent make sure you have development plans in place to keep them.

Be Flexible 

Flexibility is a very important perk. Let employees work from home when they need to. Feel free to have them take half a day here and then work an extra hour after work for a few days to make up for it. Life is busy, it’s hectic, and it needs flexibility. If you want to hire top talent, offer remote of hybrid schedules as this is what employees want.

Do this, and you can retain working moms who now don’t need to make a decision between their families or their careers. You can help people better manage their health and mental health, and so much more. Be flexible, and work out unique workarounds so your staff can work at their best. This may meaning deviating from the traditional 9 to 5 structure. 

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