How to Identify and Develop Your Brand
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How to Identify and Develop Your Brand

Your brand is everything and is one of the most important components of a successful business. Here we detail how to identify and develop your brand.

Your brand is the very thing that separates your business from the rest and serves many purposes. Not only does it act as the main identity of a business, but a brand is also what customers recognize and experience.

This is reflected in absolutely everything to do with a business, from the logo to the uniform, to the tone of voice. 

Because of the importance a brand, it is critical that it is thought of thoroughly and strategically, as it will be one of the main factors that will really help your business stand out from other competition, especially in a saturated market.

So, with that in mind, this piece will take a look at how to identify and develop your brand for business success.

What Does a Brand Involve?

A business brand actually involves a few things, but all with the same goal. A simple way to look at branding would be to separate it into 3 categories:

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the approach in which a business takes to show consumers why they are different from everyone else, why they should be trusted and also to determine how memorable the business will be.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the way in which a businesses strategy is conveyed to the public, which should be consistent across all platforms and areas of a business.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is how a business brings awareness and highlights services and products to the right audience via campaigns. 

How to Create a Brand Strategy

Creating a brand strategy should ultimately come from a place of how you want the world (and your potential customers) to view your business. This is the core concept of any brand and should not be a step that is overlooked.

First, it is important to work out what the businesses underlying strategy and goals are. For example, do you want to focus on organic growth? Where do you want your business to go? These are good questions that need to be answered in order to work out where to go next.

Who your target demographic is will impact on how you achieve these goals, so it is important to next identify those and work out a strategy that will speak to them. It is true that consumers of all ages now use the internet to search for and buy things online, so the next step is to look into what your target audience specifically uses to search for products or services. The younger generations are strongly influenced by social media such as Instagram, whereas older generations may prefer more traditional online purchasing.  

Expert services such as can help your brand become recognized with SEO expertise, along with many other options to help your business grow, so don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself.

How to Build a Brand Identity

Once your brand strategy is in place, brand identity is the next step for conveying your business to the general public. One of the most important factors in building a brand identity is its uniqueness, in terms of both value and proposition. This will include the brand’s values, philosophies and overall mission.

Once a brand has established these, they need to be created into a message that both consumers understand and recognise!

This message should then be carried across all platforms in the same manner through images, tone of voice, social media and any other publications to build up a brands strength and awareness. 

Peter holds a Master's Degree in Information Systems, has passed the first level of the CFA exam, and is currently working as a data analyst for a financial institution while studying for Level II of the CFA exam.

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