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How to Make Money in Bitcoin Without Investing in it

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency affiliate programs allow you to earn comission by referring people to crypto trading and wallet platforms.

Whether you just learned about Bitcoins or you have been following the cryptocurrency market closely for years, you can earn money as a Bitcoin affiliate marketer. Bitcoin affiliate programs provide you with an opportunity to earn Bitcoin by promoting their services on your blog, Facebook page, or through emails. How much you earn is up to you.

How it Works

Like with any affiliate program, you sign up for the program and get an affiliate link. The link is unique. Every time you promote the company’s services, and someone buys their products after clicking on your link you earn a commission. The commission varies from 1% up to 50%. Some companies pay you in Bitcoin while some, like Coinbase, pays you in real cash redeemable as Bitcoin.

If you are not looking to sign up for an affiliate program, but still want to buy Bitcoin utilizing a credit or debit card without any hassle, this is something you can do with

These programs are great. However, you can always make money in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by trading them directly. If you decide to take this route, it is important to understand how the prices move. You will always need to keep and eye out for movements in the market as well as the crypto trading signals.

Top Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Available in more than 150 countries around the world, is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges in the world. The exchange has been around for 5 years with a reputation that keeps on growing. Registering for an affiliate account on this website is fast and easy. It’s free and offers tight security for your coins. The exchange also offers a free online wallet where your earnings are automatically stored until you decide to transfer them to a personal wallet.

More Details about the Affiliate Program:

  • You earn 20% for all your affiliates’ trading fees.
  • Trading on this platform costs 1% in trading fee-your commission is 20% of the 1% trading fee.
  • If an affiliate trades $100, they are charged $1. You earn 20% of $1 which is $0.20.
  • You earn commission every time your affiliates trade for the first one year.
  • You can withdraw your earnings on a daily basis with no minimum.

Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Casino affiliate programs are a great way to earn a commission as you play your favorite online games. One such example is the Bitcoin Penguin Affiliate program which is a site that offers users a chance to earn up to 50% in additional profit.

However, players begin by earning 25%, but it increases as you increase your referrals to the site. To help maintain the anonymity of its customers, the site pays you in Bitcoin.

If you are a fan of gambling and casino game playing, there are numerous casinos that will pay you to when you go online for games. For example on this page:


Coinbase is arguably the most popular cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin using real cash. Based in the US, Coinbase is functional in 32 countries. However, the exchange allows almost anyone to join their affiliate program. The only catch is that you can only earn commissions by referring members from supported countries.

The Affiliate Program’s Details

  • When someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a trade worth $100 or more on Coinbase, you and the trader that you referred earn a commission of $10.
  • A new account owner is considered your invitee if they make a trade within four months of opening their account.
  • Coinbase’s commissions are earned only once, but you can withdraw your commission anytime with no limits.
  • Coinbase does a good job at helping you track your earnings through a detailed report. They also support more than one cryptocurrency, which attracts more traders to their site.


Changelly is arguably the best Bitcoin affiliate program based on commissions paid. For every customer you refer to them, you earn 50% of the trading fee the invitee pays. And not only do you earn half the trading fee in their first trade, but also earn it for life.

Changelly works fairly different from most cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s an exchange that finds traders the best place to convert one cryptocurrency to another. Changelly is fast growing in popularity thanks to its cool features. ¬†

How the Affiliate Program Works:

  • Create an account on Changelly
  • Get an affiliate banner or link that you publish on your blog or social media accounts
  • Promote Changelly services
  • Earn 50% commission on the referred trader’s fee for life

Changelly supports multiple cryptocurrencies, and its unique model that provides better trading cryptocurrencies make it easy to market. Customers can trade using any of the 30+ supported currencies, but your commissions are paid in Bitcoin. is among the top 50 largest cryptocurrency exchanges based on market capitalization. It attracts hundreds of thousands of traders every day. Their affiliate program is also one of the most generous for marketers. You earn 30% of the trading fee paid by people you referred to the exchange for life.

Additional Details about the Program:

  • 30% commission fee for life
  • No minimum payout but you has to wait for 30 days to withdraw for the first time
  • Provides a report about your referred customers

Ledger Affiliate Program

The Ledger brand of cryptocurrency wallets offers one of the most lucrative deals to affiliate marketers. For every person you refer to purchase the ledger wallet, you earn a 15% commission. Ledger is one of the best cryptocurrency wallet manufacturers. Their Ledger Nano S wallet has been voted as the best wallet.

Promoting the company’s product is bound to have more success than with any other product thanks to the company’s reputation. However, you only get the commission once, paid in Bitcoin.


Paybis is the safest place for getting Bitcoin with credit card because of its unmatched simplicity, intuitive UX, low commissions, and user-focused features like Paybis wallet. Paybis gives you a way to not only buy Bitcoin, but also sell it when the price is favorable to you. Everything you need is under one roof.

Paybis has an affiliate program where you can earn 20% of our commission on all purchases made by your referrals. There are many benefits when becoming a Paybis affiliate partner. For instance, you can get monthly payouts through Bitcoin and bank transfers, and you will also have a dedicated account manager available at all times to assist your efforts.

Trezor Affiliate

Trezor is a cryptocurrency wallet that functions in a similar way as the Ledger Nano S. Its parent company has a Bitcoin affiliate program that pays marketers 10% of every person referred to buy the wallet. Although the commission is paid once, the Trezor wallet costs more than $100 and is highly popular among Bitcoin owners.

KeepKey Wallet

Keepkey is yet another cryptocurrency wallet that offers a generous affiliate commission. The wallet costs $100, and its parent company offers a 10% commission for every person who purchases the wallet after clicking your affiliate link.  While KeepKey is rarely ranked above Trezor and Ledger Nano S wallets, it is among the top five most popular hardware wallets.


BitBond is a fast-rising Bitcoin startup that brings Bitcoin lenders and borrowers together. Bitcoin investors can lend their funds for a period of time to borrowers and earn a commission. Borrowers lend the money to trade and payback to lenders with a commission. Through the company’s affiliate program, you can earn 20% for every borrower you refer to the company and 30% if you refer a money-lender. Read more here:

More Details

  • A person is considered your invitee if they register and make a trade within 3 months.
  • Commissions are paid instantly in your personal wallet.
  • Commissions are paid for two years every time your invitees make a trade.

Making Money Through Bitcoin Without Buying it – Summary

Nearly every cryptocurrency exchange has an affiliate program that can pay you in Bitcoins. ICO startups and cryptocurrency wallets also offer you the chance to earn Bitcoins by marketing their services. However, making money through affiliates require a lot of hard work and some initial investment.

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