How Wiley Will Help You Pass the CFA Exams
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How Wiley Will Help You Pass the CFA Exams

Wiley's Level I CFA Gold Course is a great study package that will surely help you study and pass for any of the CFA exams.

In order to pass any of the 3 CFA exams you need to be as effective and efficient in your studies as you can be. Luckily, there are CFA study material providers such as Wiley that offer resources that enable candidates to do just that.  Here I will detail how Wiley will help you pass the CFA exams.


So, you’ve signed up to take the CFA Level I exam. Congratulations – you have now begun a grueling yet rewarding journey that will take hundreds of hours of studying

Due to the time commitment involved in pursuing the CFA designation, you should do everything you can to make sure you get that passing score on your first try.  What this means is that you may need to prioritize reviewing CFA materials over social outings with friends, as well as missing out on those weekend Netflix series binges and hitting the books instead. 

One resource that makes studying for the CFA exams easier is Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course.  Not only does this package make studying easier, but it actually makes it enjoyable, something I never thought I would say.  Before you decide to purchase CFA study materials, you may end up asking yourself “Is it worth it?” Or, “What is included in this package?”  Well below I will answer those questions and detail three general areas of the materials package that have made my study process go incredibly smooth.

If at any point you are convinced that you would like to purchase this package be sure to head over to Wiley’s site and use the promo code DAILY20 for a 20% discount. Wiley is also offering a free trial of their great CFA packages – for more information check out this link!

While there are many more than three characteristics of Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course that are worth mentioning, this handful of them kind of make up the core of the tools/materials and are what makes Wiley so outstanding. 

For a more detailed list of everything included in this package, check out this article.

How Wiley Will Help You Pass the CFA Exams – Resources

Exam Planner

Upon purchasing and accessing Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course through a super easy to use online portal, you will be asked to enter in the date you plan on starting to study for the exam, as well as the day of the exam. You will also be asked to specify how many hours for each day of the week that you have put aside to study.

What the exam planner tool does is create a customized study plan based on the information you provided.  This tool plans out what lessons you need to complete each day, and also generates an interactive calendar so you can see what you need to complete by when.

The exam planner tool is simply great and saved me a lot of time. It also enabled me to plan my day around what assignments I needed to complete.  Throughout your studies, you can also change these figures and update your plan accordingly.

Instead of having to create an excel spreadsheet and using formulas to calculate how many days I need to spend on each section, Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course was able to do all of this for me, saving me a ton of time that I can now spend studying.


In its entirety, this study package material is broken down into sections covering different topics. Each section is then broken down further into individual readings that focus on specific topic related concepts. Each of these readings is then broken down once more into individual lessons.

While this may seem like a lot, it makes total sense and in the end creates approximately 30-60 minute readings that are super easy to tackle.  To view your current lesson, all you have to do is navigate to the current assignment section of your portal.  Each lesson has an estimated amount of time it will take to complete, and once you are on the lesson page there is a timer that tracks just how much time you have spent on that lesson.

In the lessons section you will find the lesson overview and the lesson’s readings. Fortunately for us, the readings have been condensed to include all of the important concepts you need to know to pass the exams. Not only does the current assignment section include the overview and the lesson’s readings, but also includes instructional videos and a specific section that records all of your notes.

My favorite part of each lesson is watching the accompanying video. Each one is thoughtfully created with great, energetic, and easy to understand instructors. Not only do they cover each learning outcome statement, but they also go over example questions that really reinforce your understanding of the important concepts introduced.

Each video is also broken down into chapters so you can easily navigate to the section that you would like to watch.  This is especially useful if you want to go back and re-watch a particular part of the video for more instruction or details related to the reading concepts.

Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course also includes lesson specific practice questions that you can take as many times as you want to really make sure you understand each lesson.


Still wondering how Wiley will help you pass the CFA exams?  Well one way that they ensure this is by creating assessments that test your knowledge of the concepts detailed in each lesson.  Assessments can be accessed by navigating the current assessment section of the portal.

Each assessment combines both contextual questions as well as questions that test your understanding of technical concepts that are explained throughout each lesson. Once you are done taking the assessment, you will see your overall score, if you answered the questions correctly or not, as well as a thorough explanation of the correct answer.

Your overall assessment score is recorded every time you take it, so you can track your progress and see which areas you may need to go over again.

After completing each study session, you will be tasked with completing what Wiley calls an adaptive review.  This assessment, which includes questions on all topics covered in each lesson, ranges from 10 to 30 questions.  The adaptive review is designed specifically to let you see which sections you need to revisit to strengthen your understanding. 

No matter what type of assessment it is, the questions were modeled after CFA Exam questions, and are formatted very similarly. Because of this you will not be surprised when you sit down at the testing table on exam day

How Wiley Will Help You Pass the CFA Exams – Summary

There are many characteristics that make Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course stand out over its peers. Specifically, the way that Wiley has developed their exam planner tool and structured the lessons and assessments make studying for the CFA designation much more effective and efficient compared to what you could do on your own.

For a deeper look at all of the resources included in this particular study package be sure to check out this article. Looking to get a free trial of this great resource before you decide if its the right thing for you? Well you are in luck. Wiley is offering a free trial of their great CFA packages – for more information check out this link!

The Daily CPA has also developed a portion of their site dedicated to articles discussing important topics that you might see on any of the CFA exams. To see those article be sure to check out this page of the site.

Questions or comments? Be sure to let us know below.

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