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Make Your Accounting Outsourcing Staff Valuable Contributors in the 2019 Tax Season

Are you facing staffing shortages this tax season? Think about outsourcing.

Whenever the tax season starts in January, you know your practice staff gets stretched to the max. Longer office hours, fewer coffee breaks and working weekends become a norm during the busy period.

Your CPA firm gets overburdened with piles of paper(less) work and struggles to keeps itself afloat in the swirling sea of W-2s and 1099s. Therefore, for the 2019 tax season, you decide to get some extra help. You outsource.

But the last thing you need is to have your outsourced accountants not aligned with your tax season strategy. Lucky for you, Team QXAS offers three solutions to help you get the most out of your accounting outsourcing staff during the busy period.

1) Change your perception towards your outsourced accountants.

That’s right!

Stop thinking of them as temporary staff. They are not there to fill your short-term gaps in staffing, they are there to help you. If you want your accounting outsourcing staff to contribute to your CPA firm in a valuable fashion, and potentially put an end to your long-term staffing woes, treat them as your extended team.

2) Integrate them into your practice staff.

Make your accounting outsourcing staff a part of your global team! One of our CPA clients based out of Forest Hills, New York has this to say about working with the QXAS team as their own, “They have consistently managed to exceed our expectations; their staff is accommodating of our work demands. They ensure they are updated with the latest federal or state rules and work overtime when required to complete the work. The efficient, reliable and consistent quality of work they provide has allowed us to concentrate on expanding our business.”

Therefore, don’t just hand your extended team a pile of tax returns for them to sort out. Instead get to know them and encourage your practice staff to do the same. Help them understand your work processes so that they can not only work according to your schedule but also make the operations even more efficient.

3) Incentivize their efforts for better engagement.

Accounting outsourcing is an effective short-term solution (and sometimes a long-term solution) for those CPA firms that are struggling with resources in-house. However, the extended team ultimately does end up contributing massively to your practice growth so show you appreciation.

Give out incentives to your outsourced accountants to show how much you appreciate them pulling through to meet deadlines during the busy period. Small gestures like ordering cakes on their birthdays online or sending them e-gift cards help in cementing a long-term, profitable partnership. Even accountants like cake.

Over to you.

How are you working with your outsourcing partners? Share your tips or solutions in the comments section below!

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