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Make Your Company’s Visual Content More Accessible

Follow these tips to boost engagement on your digital marketing campaigns.

No matter how beautiful and smart your marketing content is, if people can’t access it, then it’s falling short of reaching its true potential. Besides, if you’ve spent time developing the ideal marketing campaign, why limit yourself? You must not ignore the needs of so many potential customers by making your visual content more accessible. 

Accessibility in business shouldn’t be seen as just a mandatory requirement. It’s one of the best ways to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone. This is a prospect that ultimately benefits businesses too. 

If you feel like you should be doing a little more to ensure that your visual content is accessible, check out these quick tips.

Utilize Audio Description

A wonderful audio description service can help your audience benefit from your content regardless of their personal ability. 

Those who are blind or live with visual impairments can be supported easily by introducing a service like this to your processes. It is worth remembering that this is a huge number of the world’s population, over 2.2 billion people in fact

Failing to put measures in place to increase accessibility means excluding a great many people. This not only looks terrible for your brand, but it costs you customers. Plus, since it’s easy to do as well, there is little point whatsoever in not doing it. To make your visual content more accessible, and professional as possible, enlisting the help of dedicated services should be the best way forward.

Include Captions 

Including captions is crucial in allowing those who cannot benefit from audio to engage with the message of your content. 

It generally makes the video more accessible for everyone, regardless of their situation. It may also benefit your SEO efforts too since it essentially adds a way to make your audio searchable online.

Operate on the Right Platforms

If your audience can’t find your visual content, what good is it in the first place? By utilizing platforms that your audience is familiar with and prefers to use, you can access them via a channel they feel comfortable on.

Many platforms are free to use. Some of these include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms are great places to advertise your business. Many of these sites also have built in digital marketing campaign statistics, so you can see how many people you have reached. You will also be able to see how many people engaged with your content.

Include Your Transcripts with Your Visual Content

You could consider offering transcripts of your visual content to your audience as well. This way, they can revisit your content in a different format. 

Offering transcripts to visual content can help those who prefer to read than watch. It will also benefit those who need to read it due to their personal situation as opposed to watching it.

Adding an extra level of engagement opportunity to your visual content is hardly ever a bad thing; in fact, it enriches your content and provides a new dynamic to your efforts.

Use the Right Colors and Contrast

When it comes to visual content, be it images or videos or even your text design to some extent, choosing difficult colors can be extremely off-putting, and for those who suffer from visual impairments, you may be making it unnecessarily hard for them to engage with your content. 

You likely don’t want to detract from the great content you spent so long creating, so why obscure it with a poor color scheme?

Make your content more accessible!

Putting accessibility right up at the forefront of the content creation process can help you stay ahead of the game. This will also help you support all of your customers and potential customers, regardless of their personal ability.

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