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Most Effective Ways to Reward Hardworking Team Members

How are you rewarding your hardworking team members?

Your employees, whether your company is a multi-national, large and far-reaching company or a smaller and more local business, are just as important as your customers and clients. They may be even more important as they are needed to keep your business running. 

As a result, not only should a shrewd business manager or owner focus their efforts on encouraging their customers to remain loyal, but they should also cultivate a positive working culture whereby their employees stay and flourish. With this in mind, continue reading to discover the five most effective ways to reward your hardworking team members. 

Keep Track of Accomplishments 

Not only should you begin to reward your hardworking team members when they go above and beyond expectations, but it would also be exceedingly helpful to keep a record of the achievements of specific employees.

This way, you will not find yourself in the awkward situation of rewarding your employee for the same thing repeatedly. You will be able to tailor the reward to suit the individual.

Talk to Them Openly

Frankly, you cannot possibly hope to retain dedicated and hardworking employees working for your company if you are a ‘closed book’ regarding your management style.

Instead, introduce an open-door policy. Make it simple yet confidential for your employees to confide in you and other senior heads of the department in any work-related matters.

Remember that you not only have a legal obligation to put in place ways and means of monitoring your employees’ emotional health and wellbeing, but also a moral one, and part and parcel of this is to become a more honest, clear, and open manager.

Some simple yet effective tips for doing just that include:

  • Dispel any notion of basic black-and-white thinking 
  • Instead of lecturing your employees, start to ask more questions
  • Engage in active listening and pay attention to what employees are saying
  • Remember that you can learn lessons from everyone no matter their job role

Launch a Recognition Program 

Even if you are fully confident that your dedicated team members are fully aware of how important they are within the company structure, it is still advisable to reinforce this appreciation by launching an employee rewards and recognition program

Not only will this show your appreciation thoughtfully and practically, but a rewards and recognition program will also go a long way to increasing the levels of productivity and efficiency of your workers. 

Offer Flexible Working

One of the most notable developments in the world of business in recent years, due in no small part to the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, is the changes made to general working hours like flexible working from home and remote working.

More and more companies, across the wide spectrum of industries, are choosing to implement new flexible working options for their employees and in some cases, taking the decision to make some roles entirely ‘work from home’ ones. 

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