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Nurture Your Clients, Get Referred!

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Your accounting business has taken off big time. Your clients are happy with your services and you are hopeful about the future of your firm. But are you fully utilizing the clients you worked so hard to get?

One of the easiest ways for your client list to grow is through referrals. If being asked through a survey or other means, many of your clients will say they would definitely refer your services to their friends or colleagues. But exactly how many of those clients would really go out and advertise for you?

The answer – not many!

Existing clients will only feel that they owe you referrals if they are extremely happy with the services you are offering and you have a good rapport with them .

Key word: nurturing

If you have been building a relationship with your clients and not just treating them as your next paycheck, they will feel like you genuinely care about helping them and their financial position. When this is the case, there is a much higher chance of them bringing you and your services up in a conversation with their friends and colleagues.

To nurture your clients you need to have constant interaction. Here are a few suggestions you could try to help nurture your professional relationship with them:

  • Have discussions about their future goals, financial and personal, and brainstorm ideas of how you will help them get there.
  • Make yourself known and accessible by using social media platforms.
  • Produce targeted articles showcasing your knowledge to help your current clients.
  • Use your expertise to help solve your clients’ problems

The more you are going out of your way to solve your clients’ problems, the more likely they are going to want to help you! If you have made it known you are looking for new clients, they may go out of their way to get you more business.

“You must give to get. You must sow the seed, before you can reap the harvest.” – Scott Reed

What suggestions do you have for fellow accountants who are trying to increase their number of referrals?

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