Online Courses that will Boost Your Career
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6 Online Courses that Will Boost Your Career

Looking for a competitive edge in the job market? Here are some online courses that can help!

Having a professional resume boosts your chances of getting a job, but your employability increases if you studied a compatible course with today’s job market. Advanced learning will provide you with the necessary skill, training, and knowledge to guide your employing company to greater success. This is why we have outlined 6 online courses that will boost your career.

Online Courses that Will Boost Your Career – Overview

So you may have asked yourself, how can you equip the right academic education for today’s jobs? And the answer to that question is through online career training programs.

Modern technologies allow any person to obtain education and additional skills online at their own pace. Whether you are still at university or already climbing your career ladder, there are various online opportunities you should explore, starting from service that helps students with their assignments and gives them writing ideas to online career training programs that will provide them with better job opportunities. 

Choosing to take online classes is never a bad idea. With it, you will develop some new technical skills that will make you more compatible with today’s workplaces.  Here are some of our recommendations for the online courses that can boost your career and further your college education.

Business Accounting Basics (Purdue University via EdX)

If you are starting a new business and want to have a better knowledge of business accounting, or you’re a student of accounting who wants to update their knowledge of the subject, then this is the right course for you. These course lessons will provide you with a full understanding of accounting basics and give you a better understanding of business.

You will learn the basics for financial statements, income statement, retained earnings statement, statement of cash flows, and balance sheet. Those are, in other words, the keys used for evaluating the investment decisions in a company.

Aside from that, this course will walk you through creating each statement and empowering you with the much-needed tools that will help cut-down running costs. This course is created to meet the demands of everyone.

Master of Business Administration (University of Illinois)

Students who are a part of the iMBA program earn the same MBA degree that students on campus earn. Without the need to put their family or career on hold. With the iMBA program, students achieve business mastery, build a global network and gain leadership skills. The iMBA is a global classroom, and the classes are held with professors during virtual office hours.

Managing Public Money (The Open University via Future Learn)

This course will provide you with the basic principles of public financial management. It is one of the online courses that will boost your career.

This is vital because it is established by many financial experts that the public sector is responsible for, providing meaningful services needed by the people, ranging from transport, justice, education, healthcare, defense, and policing.

This is a free affiliate course that is in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance. And it introduces you to the most needed components of public financial management. You will acknowledge that public finance means much more than taxes. You will also learn from where and how public money comes and have an insight on how and why it is expended.

Investment Risk (Open University)

This course will provide you with all the things you need to know to define financial risks. Such as an investor’s assertion to risk, calculating risk, and all the major factors to consider before taking risks. This course has advanced written learning materials that give students the privilege to further their knowledge.

Introduction to Bookkeeping (ACCA via EdX)

Suppose you are interested in a career in the business world. In that case, the first thing you need to have to succeed is the knowledge of accounting. This course of Bookkeeping will provide you with background knowledge of everything you need to know.

You will learn all about payroll and ledger accounts, preparing trial balances, business transactions, double-entry Bookkeeping, and the banking system.

Practical Accounts Training (Udemy)

This course will give you the full knowledge of how to recognize and clarify business documents and 95 periodic end reports. This is one of the great online courses that will boost your career. You also get equipped with the knowledge on the diverse ways to record 80 types of transactions with the end year adjustments.

With this course, you will develop a deeper knowledge of financial accounting. However, to understand this course, you need to have a basic knowledge of financial accounting and Bookkeeping theory. With this course, you will empower your relevant skills and learn how to work with financial software.

6 Online Courses that Will Boost Your Career – Summary

Finishing school shouldn’t stop you from further education. Building and developing your skills will build your confidence, improve your performance, open doors. With that, you will easily reach your personal career goals.

So far, you’ve seen some of the courses that can give you a career boost, some will provide you with free career certifications. For some, you may need to spend money. Now identify the right course for you and pursue it to ensure that you meet your career goals.

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