Technology Upgrades to Protect Employees
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Post Pandemic Technology Upgrades to Protect Employees

Here are several technological upgrades you should implement in your business this year to help protect your employees.

Following the challenges and changes imposed by the pandemic, countless companies are preparing to update their technology stack. Digital transformation is happening on a global scale, and for a range of reasons. Some companies are investing more in their technical tools to make their teams more productive and reduce costs. Others are simply looking for ways to ensure compliance. One of the most important reasons to consider upgrading your business technology is to ensure your staff are well-protected. Caring for your team members in a post-pandemic world means rethinking how you do business on a daily basis. Today, we’re going to look at just some of the technology upgrades to protect employees. You should consider implementing them to defend your team.

Fleet Management Tools

Before you start looking at AI cameras with computer vision and smart assistants, it’s important to start with basic technology upgrades to protect employees. One of these are things like managing your fleet.

When your employees are on the road, they’re going to need support to ensure they’re staying safe. This is especially true considering the road can be a high-pressure environment. Fortunately, there are ELD compliance solutions team members can leverage to prevent hours of service violations.

Fleet management solutions can be ideal for maintaining compliance on the roads and keeping your staff safe from unnecessary incidents. What’s more, these tools allow you to collect information about your team’s processes without requiring someone to sit with them in the car, truck, or vehicle. This helps to maintain standards around social distance.

Collaboration Software

Collaboration software is becoming increasingly important for employees for a host of different reasons. First and foremost, it’s the solution which allows staff members to continue connecting with their colleagues. It also allows them to perform effectively in a hybrid and remote working environment.

With collaboration tools to enable your team, you can minimize the number of face-to-face interactions your staff members need. Collaboration tools can allow staff in different parts of the world to communicate and share information regardless of location. Collaboration software will also ensure team members in your office environment don’t have to join together for meetings in the same space. Everyone will be able to chat over the same video conferencing tools.

Contactless Screens

Contactless screens have been gaining popularity for some time for hygiene purposes. These are one of the types of technology upgrades to protect employees that you can deploy in your business.

Today, they’re an essential part of the office environment. Contactless kiosks allow employees and guests to sign into meeting rooms and other office environments quickly and conveniently. You can control these tools by using gestures and voice control. This eliminates the risk of spreading bacteria and germs.

As we progress into a post-pandemic environment, contactless screens will ensure business leaders can continue to give their employees and their clients peace of mind. This applies whether they’re interacting with video conferencing technology, or just browsing through products in a digital catalog. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most exciting innovations in the technology world, IoT, or the Internet of Things, refers to a collection of items capable of connecting both to the internet and each other.

With IoT devices, it’s possible to connect a range of different devices on edge networks for different purposes. IoT can allow business leaders to make changes to various machines and even start processes from a distance. This means that they can work more effectively from home.

Sensors built into an IoT environment can also collect useful information to help keep the business and its employees or customers safe. For instance, sensors within an intelligent camera can detect how many people are present in a specific room in a business. This type of technology can also scan people and get a temperature reading. Alerts can then be sent to the safety and security team members when the conditions are dangerous.

There are many tools that are enabled through IoT. These technology upgrades to protect employees can be seamless and very effective.

Mass Alert System

Speaking of IoT and intelligent technology, mass alert systems are an increasingly crucial part of keeping all kinds of business environments safe. This is one of the best pieces of technology upgrades to protect employees that you can install.

There has always been talk about modernizing cybersecurity but as of late, physical security has become top of mind in many cases. Ultimately, these tools use automation and AI to detect when certain situations are present in a business environment. If sensors and tools can detect a certain number of variables, they can instantly send alerts to everyone in a team.

You could connect a mass alert system to your smart fire alarm system, and immediately send alerts to everyone’s computer screens, smart phones, and headphones when a fire is detected in the building.

This helps to ensure regardless of where someone is in your office space or property, you can get them out of the building in time.

Making the World a Safer Place

Health and safety in businesses has always been an important consideration for team leaders, supervisors and managers. However, there are new challenges and considerations to address in the post-pandemic environment.

When everything from having too many people in a room, to touching the same screen as your colleagues can present a risk to everyone in your workforce, additional precautions must be taken.

Fortunately, evolving technology for the enterprise can help to make the future workplace a safer, more efficient, and more convenient place for everyone.

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