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Reasons Why Wiley’s Virtual Classroom Will Help You Pass the CFA Exams

One of the best CFA study resources are virtual classroom sessions included in Wiley's CFA Gold package.

Out of all of the learning resources included in Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course, one of the most engaging ones is their virtual classroom. Here I will detail the reasons why Wiley’s virtual classroom will help you pass the CFA exams.

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Wiley Level I CFA Gold Course – Overview

If you are pursuing the CFA designation, there are many reasons why you should consider purchasing additional study materials. The study materials that you have access to through the CFA Institute’s web portal are not comparable to those created by third party providers.

Supplemental packages such as Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course offer a ton of resources and tools.  Some of these include a test bank, mock exams, videos, short and to the point lessons, and a flash card bank. In addition to these, Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course also comes with access to their virtual classroom.

What is Wiley’s Virtual Classroom?

Everyone learns differently, and Wiley took this into consideration when they were creating their study materials. While some people are able to learn concepts and techniques through reading and practice questions, other individuals need more. This is where the virtual classroom comes into play.

The virtual classroom, which can be accessed through your online portal to Wiley’s study materials, offers an intensive weekly review of the most important topics in the entire CFA curriculum. Each review sessions last around 3-4 hours and is hosted by one of their CFA tutors. These sessions offer a ton of helpful content, including a thorough review of core concepts and realistic examples of how to apply your knowledge on exam day.

Before I had my first virtual classroom experience with Wiley, I was skeptical. I was having flashbacks to my college days of long lectures that I had to try my hardest to stay awake through.  I was pleasantly surprised when I joined the first one and realized how great of a resource it was.

Reasons why Wiley’s virtual classroom will help you pass the CFA exams.

There are several distinct features of Wiley’s Level I CFA Gold Course virtual classroom that will help you pass the CFA exams. Below are some of the reasons why I believe these virtual sessions are so helpful in passing any of the CFA exams.

Engaging Instructors

How many times have you had a college professor that is so boring that the hardest part of the class is staying awake?  Well let me assure you that this is not the case for Wiley’s virtual classroom instructors.

Each instructor is engaging which makes the virtual classroom session interesting, valuable, and honestly fun. This is super important considering these online sessions last between 2 and 4 hours.

The instructors also incorporate their vast professional experience which aids the entire learning process.

Core Concepts

Each virtual lesson session covers specific curriculum topics. For instance, quantitative methods, corporate finance, and fixed income are all subjects that will be covered in virtual lesson sessions.

While these lessons are several hours long, the more important concepts are covered in a higher level of detail than those that are more trivial.  Emphasis on these more critical concepts is great and improves the likeliness of understanding them and passing any of the CFA exams.

Example Problems

Wiley’s CFA study packages, specifically the Level I CFA Gold Course, includes example problems that will test your understanding of concepts throughout your studies.  You will have the chance to work through example problems in your lesson readings, with an instructor during the lesson video, as well as when you are working on the thousands of practice questions that are included in the package.

That being said, sometimes it helps to go over an example problem with an instructor live in real time.  This is exactly what the virtual classroom session offers and is one of the reasons why Wiley’s virtual classroom will help you pass the CFA exams.

If you attend one of the many virtual classroom sessions, you will be able to work through example questions with an instructor and other candidates that are in the program that are also attending the class.

Chat Function

One feature of the virtual classroom sessions is that there is a chat function that allows you to communicate directly with the instructor.  One additional benefit to this chat function is that you can talk to other class attendees.  This is great because you can give and receive advice, as well as network with your fellow CFA candidates.

This chat function is truly awesome because you are able to ask questions in real time that the instructor or other candidates attending the class can address.  This also enables the instructor to ask the class questions which is a great way to test your understanding of the concepts reviewed.

Although it may not seem like it at first, the chat function is definitely one of the reasons why Wiley’s virtual classroom will help you pass the CFA exams.

Classroom Materials

Weeks before the virtual classroom sessions starts, the instructors will upload all of the study materials that will be covered in that study session.  These materials can include practice questions, sections of the text book/ebook that you should review before the class starts, as well as PowerPoint slide decks that will be reviewed throughout the study session.

Having access to these materials before the class starts is a great way to be prepared so you can get the most out of the study sessions. Reviewing these materials before the virtual classroom session kicks off also gives you the chance to come up with any questions that you might have. Thanks to the chat function you will then be able to ask the instructor your question and get a live answer.

Reasons Why Wiley’s Virtual Classroom Will Help You Pass the CFA Exams – Summary

As you can see, there are a ton of reasons why Wiley’s virtual classroom will help you pass the CFA exams. These reasons include engaging instructors, the review of every core concept, working through practice problems/examples, a chat function, as well as getting access to classroom materials.

Wiley’s virtual classroom offers so much and is why the CFA Level I Gold Course is such a good investment to make if you are pursuing the CFA designation.

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