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Simple Ways To Boost Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal

Want to boost the curb appeal of your commercial business?

When it comes to property maintenance, people will judge a book by its cover—especially if it’s a commercial property. Fixing up the outside to improve curb appeal doesn’t just apply to residential properties. 

The outside appearance of your building can have a direct reflection on how you conduct business. Take the time this spring to discover some simple ways to boost your commercial property’s curb appeal. 

Apply a Fresh Coat 

You wouldn’t believe what a fresh coat of paint can do for a commercial property’s curb appeal. It honestly makes everything look brand new. Even if the property has been around for a few years, a fresh coat of paint can give it a younger look. Apply new paint to the areas that need it. 

Do a power wash around the exterior of the building first. Clear away all the dirt and debris thoroughly. Lay new grout to the concrete or bricks if necessary. Then apply that fresh coat. Schedule the cleaning and painting in shifts so it doesn’t disturb your business. Find alternative entrances for customers. 

Tidy Up the Lot 

The parking lot is the first area patrons visit before they get to the business. No one wants to drive their car through a lot riddled with cracks, divots, and potholes. The streets are bad enough to navigate. 

Clear away any trash in the lot and prepare the area for some sprucing up. Create a budget for the lot maintenance because depending on the needed work, things could get expensive. See what areas require the most attention first and move down the line. Addressing your business’ parking lot is a great way to increase a commercial property’s curb appeal. 

Fix the Sidewalk 

While you’re catering to the parking lot, you might as well fix the sidewalks too. One of the best ways to boost your commercial property’s curb appeal is by fixing the sidewalk. You may think people don’t pay much attention to this area because it’s beneath them, but that’s not true. The occasional customer or client will look down while walking, and they don’t want to see something unattractive looking back at them. 

The sidewalk is an area you need to clear and look after daily. Sweep the sidewalk before the opening of business and at the closing. Keep a trash can near the entrance to encourage patrons to throw away their trash instead of discarding it on the ground. Make sure the back of the building is clear of any garbage, even if it’s not visible. 

Spruce Up the Landscape 

Plants and flowers make everything look better. They create beauty and add life to the property. A little color goes a long way, and it can really boost a commercial property’s curb appeal. Keep the grass green and cut short. Overgrown grass reflects a neglected business.  

Make sure the flowers you choose are in season, and hire a company to take care of the landscaping. Establish a schedule for weekly care. Even when the weather gets cold, you still need them to handle the landscape so that when spring comes back, things grow properly. 

Simply boosting the curb appeal of your commercial property can increase the growth of your business more than you can imagine. Make some changes to your property today.

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