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The Best Payroll Software for Small Businesses in 2022

Payroll software can save your business time and money.

Running a small business is prone to a myriad of complications. Managers often find themselves under the burden of numerous tasks, and they struggle to achieve the expected outcomes. In addition, they have to run operations on a limited budget. Keeping the small business organized is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, tech inventions ease complex tasks to some extent and enable numerous other advantages.

Small business owners often look to save costs to allocate them to other tasks. Probably the most significant expense to any business is employees’ salaries, and saving costs from it is not as easy as we say. But again, automated systems help in that aspect and make the process more precise.

Payroll software assists executives in every task, from salary calculations to depositing them and even in the taxation process. It eliminates the tedious repetitive tasks and saves time for managers to dedicate to essential HR processes. This ultimately contributes to business productivity.

When looking to purchase payroll software, there are numerous options to consider. So, evaluating some robust systems and making a proper decision becomes necessary. Therefore, we have mentioned a list of efficient payroll systems to make your selection process easy.

Systems to Make Your Payroll Process More Effective

Before we dive into our list of efficient payroll software systems, we wanted to make one quick note. All of these payroll software systems provide free trials. This means that you can ensure the system’s efficiency before purchasing. Let’s see their features one by one! Now, on to the list.


Eddy is an efficient payroll system that eliminates human errors from the salary process and improves its preciseness. Usually, small businesses can benefits most from the system. Right from salary calculations to depositing salaries and filing tax forms, it provides excellent assistance to complete all these tasks with high efficiency.

Notable Features:
  • It allows managers to enable multiple pay cycles for different employees, teams, and departments so diverse needs of the business can be fulfilled. It also supports direct salary deposits in employees’ bank accounts.
  • The system ensures that the business complies with the latest laws and assists in quarterly and annual tax filings. It also collects staff’s taxes within one day of salary generation and sends them necessary forms.
  • The time tracking functionalities outlines how much time is spent on each task and calculates overtime; it integrates the data with the payroll module, so accurate salaries are generated.


factoHR is a prominent payroll software that offers robust features to smoothen salary generation and other HR processes. The system is useful for all-sized businesses and improves process efficiency. Salary calculations, payment deposits, compliance, loans & advances, and salary records –  you can streamline all of these tasks with this payroll software solution.

Notable Features:
  • The wizard-driven salary process guides executives at every point and ensures that any critical aspect doesn’t get missed. In addition, it gives full control to managers to configure the process’s structure according to the organizational needs.
  • The vendor offers various salary slip formats, and one can also make a new format. Salary slips are created automatically once they are deposited, and employees can download them from the self-service portal.
  • The system calculates the taxes and files them automatically on the employer’s behalf. Staff can declare their investments and attach necessary documents through the self-service portal.


Onpay is another payroll software that has its focus on small businesses and their salary processes. It reduces calculation errors and enables great and accurate results. Along with salaries, it handles tax filings & payments, employee benefits, and reporting.

Notable Features:
  • Employers can customize the salary structure as per their convenience and choose the most suitable payment method, such as direct deposit, debit card, or printing physical cheques. Also, they can set different pay rates and schedules.
  • Taxes are easily calculated, and filings can be automated to save time. Employees can get their tax forms and related documents from the self-service module.
  • Employee benefits are easy to set up, including garnishments, and deductions can also be defined. Health insurance, retirement plans, and HRA are integrated with the salaries, and deduction amounts and periods can be added to the system.


Namely is an all-in-one space for HR professionals to manage all their functions. Overall, it is a great payroll software solution. All businesses can make use of it regardless of their size and industry. The system assists managers in generating wages, linking timesheets, updating policies, and staying compliant.

Notable Features:
  • The payroll software keeps the business updated with the latest changes in the regulations, calculates taxes, and files them on behalf of the organization.
  • In-built timesheets ease employee tracking, and the total time consumed by a task can be calculated quickly. These data help to generate accurate salaries according to the work an employee has done.
  • The dashboard provides instant insights into the payroll process, and reports help to track every detail and financial aspect.


QuikChex is also a popular name that is worth your consideration while looking for a payroll system. SMEs use this system which enables excellent capabilities to manage payroll. It improves the salary process, manages loans & advances, and collects investment declarations of staff.

Notable Features:
  • It helps to set up the entire salary structure in just minutes, even without any expertise. Fixed & variable payments, arrears, retirement schemes, garnishments, and other deductions – can be easily entered.
  • Once the salaries are disbursed, payslips are generated automatically. Managers can choose its format from various options or make a new one also. Employees can download the salary slips from the self-service portal or the mobile app.
  • The system assists managers in following the regulations. Employee tax forms can be generated and sent to employees at the end of the financial year. Investment declarations are also managed easily, and staff members can submit investment proofs and other related documents.


Rippling makes the salary process a matter of minutes and boosts efficiency, too. It is an excellent solution for small- and medium-sized businesses to automate the payroll process. It eases salary calculations, deposits, worker compensations, bonuses, garnishments, and compliance tasks.

Notable Features:
  • Once the policies and salary structure are defined, the system fetches the HR data, such as working hours, incentives, and deductions, eliminating manual entries. It also helps in setting up an efficient payroll workflow to ensure that everything is organized.
  • Global payment capabilities help to provide salaries to employees working from any location, so it streamlines remote payroll management. Also, it updates the tax filing requirements of employees if they change their location.
  • The software offers a comprehensive employee benefits module that significantly manages all the benefits offered by the employer and links them with the salary process. Managers can choose plans from various available options and enter the necessary details & documents.

Best Payroll Software Solutions for Your Business – Summary

This way, automated systems assist managers and save their time to spare for other essential work. Small businesses need to streamline payroll management as it directly affects employees’ job satisfaction and influences employee engagement.

The salary process needs human intervention to achieve excellent results. However, you must leverage digital tools to save time from repetitive tasks. So you always have enough time to evaluate the ongoing operations and change the strategies according to the changing needs.

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