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Best Podcasts for Women in Business

There are tons of podcasts that exist, but which are the best for women in the world of business and finance?

When I look for podcasts, to me it depends on the mood I am in at the time of choice. Some days, I want to listen to a podcast to learn technical things – to come out of listening to that podcasts with new information and facts I can apply to my client case right away. Other days, I may need a podcast for a boost. I may have a day where I am just not feeling good enough, or am not feeling confident in the work I am doing, and I need a boost from other women who are as determined as I am and listen to their stories. And other days, I may be in the mood for a good laugh.

Here is a list of some of my favorite podcasts that I listen to when I am focused and looking to learn a thing or two around being a woman in the financial world.

Goal Digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Jenna started out as a photographer and transformed her work into a multi-million dollar coaching business. She talks business, life, motherhood, emotions, you name it. And every episode leaves me with new inspiration. My favorite episode was her episode with Karina Scott from Tone It Up (episode 295) called “No One told us This About Being a Working Mom.” Her inspiration helps me all the time with my marketing and mindset.

Stacking Benjamins – The Stacking Benjamin’s show

Stacking Benjamins may not be hosted by women, but it hosts a variety of guests that are in the finance industry. It combines financial wellness and investment talk with some solid humor. It’s a great podcast for women, or anyone, looking to be more financially savvy. If you’re looking to learn and also have some funny commentary, this is a good option. The hosts of the podcast and their guests are extremely knowledgeable and have some really interesting discussions, yet it is light and easy to listen to.

Michael Kitsces Podcast

The Michael Kitsces Podcast is for the other independent advisors out there, and if you are one, or perhaps thinking of becoming one, you probably already know of Michael Kitsces. He talks with different independent advisors each podcast to learn about how they do things and what has made them successful. The stories are motivating, educational, and genuine.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

This podcast is a great one for financial and career education, focused around woman. I’ve learned a lot and also hear about other women’s success stories at the same time, which is motivating and uplifting. One of my favorite podcasts was episode 998 “Ask Farnoosh: How I negotiated to almost 10 times my initial offer.”

Life Rebalanced by Lauren H and Donna Grace

Life Rebalanced is a newer podcast that I stumbled upon through Instagram. Their intro does a great job of summarizing what the podcast is about. “As highly driven women in pursuit of continued personal and professional growth, we are constantly rebalancing and reprioritizing aspects of our lives while raising children and growing our businesses.” On one of their podcasts, they said “You can do it all. Just not all at once.” So true – and their energy is great.

Podcasts I haven’t committed to, but I am excited to hear more of:

Wit and Delight

Kate Arends interviewed on the Goal Digger podcast and I felt like I related to her energy so well. She founded The Wit and Delight blog that has transformed into a success story, and her podcast talks about how life and style intersect. She isn’t afraid to share her feelings, raw emotions, and experiences, including her divorce and all that she went through during that time.

Primal Potential

I have heard some great things about this. This focuses on intention, and actually DOING what we know how to do in order to be successful. Looking forward to listening to this.

Julie Ciardi’s IGNITE your side hustle

Julie Ciardi is local to the tri-state area, and I came across her business on Facebook. She has a podcast and coaching program that is geared towards side hustles, but from the few podcasts I have listened to so far, her content can be applied to any branding or marketing initiatives you are working on. Some really great insight and ideas!

I think this is the best part about the world of podcasts and information we have available to us – there is so much out there depending on what we are looking for. I hope this list inspires you for some listening!

I’d love to hear of other recommendations as well – I know there are a ton of great ones I am missing. Tell me in the comments section!

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