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Tips for Converting Your Online Business to In-Person

Thinking about opening brick and mortar locations for your online business?

Plenty of business owners convert their business from online to in-person. But the sad truth is not all of them succeed. The transition requires a lot of planning and mobilizing. You can’t approach anything in half measures because that leaves room for errors and potential losses in profits and revenue. Check out these tips for converting your online business to in-person. 

Don’t Leave the Internet 

Your business started online; therefore, you shouldn’t leave it. Opening a brick-and-mortar store doesn’t mean you should abandon your online sales. Business is still good there, so it should continue. Plus, consumers around the world will keep shopping on the internet, so you need to be there. 

Remember, the physical location of your business is meant to expand and reach another target demographic or a wider range of customers. Use that to your advantage. Advertise and promote the store opening on your website and social media accounts so customers can get excited and plan to come in person.

Know the Market 

What does the market look like right now for in-person businesses? Is it good, bad, or mediocre? You need to know the answer to all these questions specifically for your business before converting your online business to an in-person one. The market looks different for all sorts of demographics and products. 

For example, selling cosmetics works well online and in-store. Online shopping has that instantaneous effect, but people love to try out their cosmetics before they purchase them. However, once they know what they like and what works for them, they’ll continue to place orders online. 

Consider the Store 

When it comes to real estate, it’s all about location. You don’t want to choose a spot where the traffic is light. You need plenty of foot and vehicle traffic. Areas that people frequent the most are always good spots.  Before converting your online business to an in-person one, you must consider the location.

Choosing a location near a grocery store is always a good idea because people need to buy groceries, and while they’re in the area, they may shop around too. Remember to keep up with the appearance of the store. Use in-store display signs to convert more sales and increase your revenue.

Assess the Pros and Cons 

You can either do this first or last, so long as you do it. Never make a business decision without weighing the pros and cons first. You need to know what you’re set to gain and lose. Make a list and be as thorough as possible. Think about every aspect of your business. 

Once you make your pro/con list, meditate on it. Don’t strike immediately just because one side is longer than the other. Take a minute to consider everything. Speak with a financial advisor to get their take on the matter. Between their advice, your list, and your business instincts, you should make a sound decision. 

Converting your business from online to in-person is a big step, but the rewards could go beyond your predictions. 


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