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Too Busy? Try Out these Tools to be More Productive.

Here are 7 nifty tools professionals can use to spend less time organizing and more time actually working.

One could definitely say that CPAs are busy as they often face massive workloads, tight deadlines, and long hours.  Professional commitments become increasingly difficult if CPA’s don’t keep track of their tasks.

In this digital time and age where almost everyone relies on mobile apps and online tools to organize their workload, we wonder why CPA’s get left behind. To give a boost to their productivity, here are 7 nifty tools they can be used to spend less time organizing and more time working:

1. Evernote

This note-taking app is a boon to those who can’t remember half of whats on their mental to-do list, or those who are unable to decipher their notes because of their terrible short hand. With Evernote, client meetings will become a breeze because the CPA’s can make notes within the app, or put reminders for follow-up meetings. The app can be used on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

2. Skype

Speaking on the phone or exchanging emails with clients is fine but Skyping with them is a major productivity booster. Imagine how much CPAs can cover if they have regular face-to-face meetings with their clients? Plus, a face-to-face conversation (online or otherwise) always helps to establish a bond faster.

3. Slack

This is a team chat or collaboration tool which lets multiple users chat in the same group. Consider it as a more professional version of WhatsApp. CPAs can create multiple groups and categorize all the clients project-wise. Slack archives all communication threads and it can be used on desktop and a smartphone.

4. Trello

CPAs can create different boards for different clients and then add cards to each board, denoting tasks. The best feature about Trello is that it sends multiple reminders – often bombarding the inbox, if left unattended. This is helpful when a CPA is closing in various projects at the same time.

5. Wunderlist

As the name suggests, this is a list-making tool which can be accessed on multiple devices. CPAs can add anything from the web to the tool. It can send out notifications via various mediums such as email, push (sending a message to your phone at a given time), and in-app. Moreover, the lists can be shared with colleagues and clients quite easily. The CPAs can group all related lists in one easily accessible folder.

6. Google Calendar

For most senior CPAs, meetings form an integral part of their job profile. Hopping from one place to another for meetings all throughout the day is the norm. Therefore, for senior professionals like them, Google Calendar would come in handy for scheduling meetings. The tool sends multiple alarm reminders so there is no way a CPA can forget where they are supposed to be.

7. Hand-written diary

If using technology is not a CPA’s cup of tea, then maintaining a proper diary is also not a bad option for note-taking and planning meetings. Color coding the diary, if need be, is also a great idea as colors enhance memory. The only thing CPA’s must make sure is they use legible  handwriting.

Jeremias Ramos is a CPA working at a nationally recognized full-service accounting, tax, and consulting firm with offices conveniently located throughout the Northeast. Jeremias specializes in tax and business consulting with focus areas in real estate, professional service providers, medical practitioners, and eCommerce businesses.

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