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Top 5 Ways To Increase Online Sales

Is your online business not generating the amount of sales you hoped it would?

Are you not getting the online traction you desire? Are your online sales flat? Wish you could increase profits? Well maybe it’s time to try something fresh with your online marketing. Here are the top 5 ways to boost online sales.

1) Social Media Marketing

This might seem obvious but have you tried enhancing your social media marketing? More and more customers are spending an enormous amount of time tweeting, liking, sharing, scrolling, and binge watching on their favorite social media platforms. We live in a fast paced world and if you can’t grab the customer’s attention in 5 seconds or less than odds are you’re losing out.

Try creating content on these social media platforms to grab the customer’s attention. They aren’t scrolling on Facebook to click on an advertisement that says “BUY NOW.” The end consumer is looking at funny videos and sharing photos of their last vacation (or the 5th Starbucks drink they bought today). Make your content blend it with the platform and invite the customer to learn more about your product or service before jumping in for the close.

2) Give Your Website a Face Lift

If the last time you updated your website was when Al Gore was in office then odds are you have some work to do. If customers are visiting your website but not converting then your website isn’t doing a good job selling your product or service.

Simply updating the format, adding some pictures, and incorporating a few videos will make your website more attractive. There are easy to use templates that can be incorporated onto your website to ensure a better online experience.

3) Reduce Friction

If your customer has to click-through tons of web pages just to buy a single product then you’re creating too much friction. Reducing friction on your website ensures your customer can easily contact you or seamlessly order products.

Here are a few tips to reduce friction:

  • Put your phone number in big bold letters at the top of your website – especially if it’s a service based business.
  • Take multiple forms of payment (Debit, Credit, PayPal, Bitcoin?).
  • Incentivize customers to sign up/subscribe to make it easy to purchase products at checkout (auto fill information and what not).

4) Give Away Free Stuff

If you’re tired of paying for advertising why not just give away free stuff? Online promotions, free samples, and giveaways are perfect alternatives to traditional advertising channels. Use influencer marketing to give free items away to the top voices in your industry to give yourself added exposure.

Throw in an “Act now and we’ll include a free [insert product here]” and you’ll be on your way to boosting your online sales for a fraction of the cost.

5) Focus on Retention

Everyone is focused on new clients but they fail to focus on customer retention. If someone bought a product from you in the past they are more likely to buy from you in the future. Marketing to reoccurring customers and giving them incentives to keep coming back for more is a great way to generate sales.

Sending coupons and free merchandise to your best customers is a great way to keep them happy. If you’re in a service based industry then sending gifts to your key customers is a must!  (A birthday card every year might also do the trick.)

You’re Ready To Boost Those Online Sales

Try these 5 tips and see how they can greatly improve your online sales. There are tons of ways to increase online sales but the 5 listed above are a sure-fire ways to build a great foundation.

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