Reasons to Become a CPA

Top Reasons to Become a CPA

There are many reasons and benefits to pursuing the CPA license.

It’s four in the morning. You slept at 9 PM and woke up at 1 AM to study for your CPA exam. While you do this, a thought crosses your head, ‘Why am I doing this?’ In such low moments when you are sacrificing all the fun in life to ace your CPA exam, you need to remind yourself of the reasons to become a CPA.

You know CPA is one of the most challenging exams and demands a lot of effort and time to pass. However, you must also know that the exam alone is not what defines this occupation.

So, whether you are at the crossroads acquiring your license or have not given it enough thought, we are here to simplify the decision for you. This guide will discuss some of the top reasons you should pursue the CPA license. You may also want to make up your mind soon, as there will be CPA exam changes coming in 2024. 

It is a prestigious and respectful profession.

As a CPA professional, you will command a lot of respect from your peers and clients. Even the people around you who know you are a CPA will look at you with respect and honor. People know it is a challenging profession. Hence, all CPAs are considered an elite group of professionals.

After years of technical and academic training and rigorous effort, you clear your CPA exam. As a CPA professional, your character and ethics are tested perennially with many years of hardcore on-the-job training. Hence, a CPA professional achieves proficiency and expertise beyond a standard accountant, bagging them the designation.

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You command a higher salary.

It is a widely known fact – CPAs command a higher salary than other accountants. Studies by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) suggest that a CPA professional will make about 10-15 percent more than an unlicensed accountant.

Moreover, several firms, especially the larger ones, offer a bonus to every employee who clears this exam. Hence, as a CPA professional, you will command a greater salary.

If you work as an independent CPA, you can charge higher compensations from your clients, given your vast skills and the additional services you can offer.

CPAs have access to greater opportunities.

When you hold a CPA license, more opportunities will come your way. Greater opportunities throughout your career is one of the many reasons to become a CPA. This is true regardless of whether you work as an internal accountant for a company or a public accountant. As soon as you clear the examination, more doors will open up for you. As a professional in public firms, you will have a chance to move up the hierarchy to obtain that senior role.

Eventually, it may also result in you becoming a partner at the firm. Several internal company accountants reach on top of the corporate ladders and become board members or officers because of their vast expertise and experience.

Thus, a whole world of opportunities awaits you as a licensed professional. 

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There is job security.

If one of the reasons to become a CPA were to convince you to pursue this license is it because of job security. Across the world, there is a massive demand for auditors and accountants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the employment of auditors and accountants will see a surge of 10 percent in the period from 2016-2026. Hence, the average growth rate for this profession is faster than all the other occupations.

Since there is a rise in globalization, more companies are entering the market, increasing the overall demand for accountants.

What’s more? If there is a situation wherein the employer has to choose between you or your counterpart for a raise, provided you both have the same work ethics, equal experience, and background, the choice will always be you if you hold the CPA license.

Moreover, all the promotions will also come your way. Every firm values your designation. Thus, they willingly invest thousands of dollars into helping you clear your exam. 

There is greater job satisfaction.

Another one of the reasons to become a CPA is because you will have higher levels of job satisfaction. CPAs are dynamic and multi-talented professionals. They perform an array of job functions, all specialized. A CPA professional can specialize in IT, management consulting, international financial reporting, and auditing, to name a few. The diversity makes them love their jobs more than unlicensed accountants.

Moreover, a CPA can fill in several niche jobs. For instance, some CPAs are tax specialists, and others are forensic experts. You can pick your profile based on your interests. You also have an opportunity to change your niche if ever you get bored and wish to switch things up. Reports suggest that most people do CPA for the flexibility and the job satisfaction that comes with it. 

You can make the world a better place.

We are sure you all know of the Enron scandal. It has been over two decades since the incident, and the major takeaway from it is that CPAs have the power to prevent such incidents from happening. Every company needs a responsible and ethical person to keep a check on their accounts. 

Hence, taking the exam to be a CPA professional is something that every aspiring and existing accountant should consider. Of course, it is not easy to clear the exam, but the benefits are worth your time and effort.

So, given the innumerable benefits, students must weigh the pros and work towards the certification with full zeal and enthusiasm.


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