Increasing Profits as a Small Business
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Top Tips for Increasing Profits as a Small Business

Are your business profits where you want them to be?

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of large budgets like big corporations do. This can be challenging, particularly in the early stages of a start-up. While the saying goes, “you need to spend money to make money,” you also need to be sensible when it comes to your expenses. Managing your expenses will help in the process of increasing profits as a small business.

Although you never want to compromise on the quality of the products or services that you provide, you do need to look at ways you can keep your overheads low to make your profits high. Below are a few basic tips to help you achieve this!

Shipping Costs

If you sell products to customers, shipping these items out can be a bigger expense than you might think. Charging customers a shipping fee is a simple way to counter this. However, you don’t want to put customers off from buying your products. In most cases customers will want to avoid paying high fees for shipping. This is particularly true if they are located abroad.

One way to save money is by looking at different courier services that can offer competitive rates than some of the more well-known brands. Some websites can connect businesses with couriers who want to make sure their trucks never travel empty and need to increase their truck loads to do this. Make the most of these sites to find great shipping rates that can be more cost-effective for your business.


Marketing is an essential expense, but it can also be a costly part of running a business. You do need to have effective marketing to make sure that you are attracting customers and increasing brand awareness.

However, learning how to utilize social media to promote your brand and products/services effectively could save you a lot of money. Hiring an agency to help you can be worthwhile. That being said, you should always assess how your sales are being affected by your campaigns. You may need to make adjustments to your marketing budget that best reflect these results.

Staff Costs

You can’t run a business by yourself, and having an in-house team to help you will be vital. That being being said, if you can’t pay your staff a decent wage you shouldn’t be offering them a job.

It’s OK to start with a small team. This is true even if it’s just a couple of full-time workers to help you with everyday tasks. However, look at outsourcing some of this work to freelancers or external services. This option can be cheaper in the long term when compared to paying a full-time employee’s wages. Once your business starts taking off, you can then look at hiring more people to join your team.

Talk to an Accountant

Are you trying all of the above and still not seeing the profit margins that you would like? If so, you can always speak to an accountant. While they can’t advise you how to spend your money, they can look over your books and highlight areas where you might be spending more than necessary, or not enough. A business consultant can give you more in-depth advice when it comes to making investments. This is also worth considering if you want to see improvements. Do not be afraid to seek out professional advice for your business.

Increasing Profits as a Small Business – Summary

Starting a business is very brave. One of the biggest challenges in the beginning is making enough money to break even. A bigger challenge than breaking even is to make a profit. Use these tips regarding increasing profits as a small business to help reduce overhead costs and boost profits to keep your small business moving forward.

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