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Ways to Keep Your Significant Other Happy During Busy Season

If you are in a relationship with a tax professional, here are some ways to keep them happy during busy season!

Tax season has begun in the United States. During 2022, it runs from January 24th to April 18th. Tax season will run until April 19th for taxpayers who live in Maine and Massachusetts. If you are in a relationship with a tax professional, you probably know that these are trying times for your significant other. You may be wondering what you can do for them. Here you have a few ways you can keep your significant other happy during busy season.


During tax season, accounting professionals work long hours. Cooking meals is one thing that never gets prioritized during busy season. It is no secret that CPAs and other tax professionals tend to base their diet on take out during these times. The downside of this is that by late March, pizza, Chinese food and every other form of fast-food is the last thing they want to eat. Also, this is not the best type of food to eat considering how unhealthy it can be.

One way to keep your tax professional significant other happy during busy seasons is by cooking! Home-made food made with love is priceless. Add to that a few healthy snacks because they are way better than eating cookies or candy. Plus, your significant other will be more than happy to return the favor in late April or May. 

As for drinks, a strong cup of coffee can go a long way. A glass of wine or whiskey at the end of the day is also great. Just understand that it might be just one glass as they need to continue working early the next day!

Get Ready to Listen

During tax season, tax professionals will need someone to vent to… a lot. Being there to listen to them is a great way to keep your significant other happy during busy season. There will be days in which a client calls saying they just remember that they traded cryptocurrencies or did some day trading over the past year. This can have a huge impact on your tax return.

Your significant other won’t need you to understand the fiscal consequences of how a random call or e-mail with new information changes everything in a client’s tax return. However, being open minded and comforting when your significant other is annoyed at a client or a specific tax return can be a big help.

Send Supporting Messages

There is no reason to stop sending those “I love you” texts throughout the day. Your tax professional significant other loves them. Just do not expect a fast reply during tax season.

It is nice to feel you are there; but when we are calculating taxes, it is extremely hard to freeze everything just to type “I love you too” and send it back. One mistake in one figure can cause a lot of trouble when you work on taxes, as you may already know. So, yes, please, keep those nice messages coming. However please let them reply or thank you with a huge kiss later.

Pick Up Some Extra Chores

This one applies both if you are married or just boyfriend and girlfriend, but, understandably, in different intensities. When you work, say, ten hours a day preparing taxes, in our minds, chores can wait.

Yet the truth is that you cannot put off cleaning for too long either, because… well, you know why. One way to keep your significant other happy during busy season is volunteering to do some extra chores.

Cuddles are More Than Welcome

Cuddles are self-explanatory. The next best thing is a nice massage. When you spend so many hours a day sitting down, working, you can get a really bad back, shoulder, and neck pain. This is especially true if your significant other does not have an ergonomic chair. If you really want to keep your significant other happy during busy seasons, offer a quick massage! Maybe even get them a gift certificate to your local spa.

If you decide to take measures into your own hands, there are many video tutorials on how to give a simple massage.

Start Watching Short Films

During tax season you significant other does want to spend time with you. But it is tax season and a full movie might be just too much. After a day of staring at a computer screen all day, watching a movie might not be the best way to wind down.

Instead of a full length film, change things up for a few weeks and stick to TV shows or watching short films. So how about changing watching a movie to watching short films for a few weeks? There are a ton of ways that you can optimize your streaming experience at home to make your significant other happy during busy season.

There are plenty of unbelievable ten- to twenty-minute short films out there, and they are probably easy to find on YouTube or Vimeo. Long films can wait until May.

Ask Them What They Need

If you are in a relationship with a tax professional, it is safe to say that you know about busy season. You may be thinking that the best thing to do is leave your significant other alone during this time. Instead, ask them what they need. Hopefuly they don’t reply with “a new job!”

Giving you significant other encouragement is a great way to keep them happy during busy season.

Plan a Vacation

A great way to keep your significant other happy during busy season is by giving them something to look forwards to when it ends. Planning a short vacation for May could be just what your significant other needs.

May is a great time to plan a vacation. Prices for airfare and hotels can be relatively low compared to other months of the years. May is not peak travel season because school is still in session and there are not really any holidays.

Just make sure you don’t plan it right after busy season ends. There may be some stragglers that are filing a return late. Plus, after busy season ends your significant other will probably just want to sleep for a couple days.

Tell Your Significant Other About Tax Resolution

Tax resolution is a specialty within accounting. It allows CPAs, Enrolled Agents and tax attorneys in the US to make extra money by helping people get out of their tax debt situations.

Your significant other might already have clients who were unable to pay Uncle Sam in full previous years, and they can easily make more money for their tax practice helping clients get rid of this problem.

Tell them about how tax resolution software such as PitBullTax can help them work those cases fast, and ask him to take a look at it. He will appreciate your interest in his career.

Keeping Happy During Busy Season

Tax season is a dreaded time for many accountants, CPAs, and tax professionals. If you are in a relationship with a tax professional, do your best to keep them happy during busy season.

Here we outlined several things you can do. They include making them some homemade meals, being open to listen and encouraging them, as well as sending supportive messages like a text or voicemail. You can also ask them if there is anything you can do to help them, and even plan a vacation for when tax season ends.

There are many things to do to keep your significant other happy during busy season.

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