Overpromising to Your Customers
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Ways to Stop Overpromising to Your Customers

In today's competitive market, businesses are always overpromising to their customers.

Firms need to stand out today. There is a great deal of competition out there, and without exceptional performances, the prospects of your firm will always falter. 

Many companies resort to overpromising here. They will cherry-pick statistics around their business and prioritize branding and marketing efforts over practical measures and good customer service. Things quickly fall apart after that, and disgruntled customers let their disappointment be known, leaving the reputations of these firms in tatters. 

A different approach is required here. Businesses are under intense scrutiny today, and the masses do not easily forgive even mild errors of judgement. Your company must be on its best behavior all the time. 

Resist marketing your business as an unstoppable force. Avoid overpromising to your customers through these easy steps.


Be humble when marketing your services and be sure to set objectives that you know you can meet. Do not let your passion override your common sense. 

One thing to note – ensure that you overdeliver when you underpromise. Exceed the expectations of your customers. This will establish a reputation for being reliable. Also trust that pleased customers will spread the good word of your firm. You can feature their feedback on your website. It is also a safe assumption they may be willing to be a referral for potential customers.

If you are just starting your business, be sure to give yourself room to fail. That being said, still focus on producing attainable results. If you over promise, you may be creating a negative environment on your employees. It is important to have work life balance. After all, happy workers will be loyal employees.

Focus on Delivery

Focusing on service and product delivery is a way that you can ease overpromising to your customers. If you operate a company focused on shipping products, meet customer expectations by strengthening your delivery services.  

The use of an overnight shipping service may be something you should consider. One company in particular is Lone Star Overnight. They are a leading delivery company that makes delivery easy, fast, and affordable.

The other method of satisfying your customers is the use of parcel lockers in their location. Unlike traditional delivery methods that might cause parcel damage or loss, parcel lockers ensure the secured delivery of parcels. Compared to conventional mailboxes which are connected to the residential location, lockers allow receiving the package despite of where you live. Parcel lockers will enable you to place packages that are large and heavy, and customers can receive the packages whenever they want.

In a products based business, shipping and delivery is very important. If it wasn’t, do you think Amazon would be offering free same day, and 1-2 day delivery for prime members? Probably not.

Another thing you may want to consider is giving your customers the ability to track their parcels. Whether you are shipping $15 widgets, or fine jewelry, being able to track packages makes every customer happier and more satisfied.

Prioritize Honest Communication

Feedback from your customers, clients, and colleagues is very important. After you provide a service or product to your customers, ask honest questions that expose the weaknesses of your firm. 

Another way you can do this is by running anonymous surveys. When you get the responses don’t just sit on them – investigate the answers. Take them to heart. These results should allow you to evolve your business. Speaking of feedback, offer honest feedback to your colleagues. Just be sure to do so in a respectful manner.

If you make a mistake, let it be known. Be sure to communicate your resolutions and how you solved the problem. Consider that customers might gravitate toward an up-and-coming firm that learns from its errors. Also remind yourself that nobody trusts perfection, especially clients.

Another way to stop overpromising to your customers is y using concise language in marketing materials. Do not leave anything you say open to interpretation. Give your copy simple sentence structures and refrain from confounding your customers with information overload.

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