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Why a Sustainable Business Needs to Start at the Top

Adopting sustainable business practices can have an overall positive impact on every aspect of a company.

It’s easy for businesses to pay lip service to adopt a greener and more sustainable set of business practices. But the majority of companies really do have the best intentions when setting up their eco-friendly business plans. Unfortunately, for a wide range of reasons, many companies will push forward with their sustainability plans before ultimately stumbling at the first hurdle. 

With climate change becoming a bigger issue by the year, many consumers are taking a stand and flocking to businesses with clear and definable eco-practices. After all, why should a consumer care about a company that doesn’t care about the planet? 

Have you been eager to implement some environmentally friendly changes to your business but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve tried and failed before, but need to really nail your green initiatives this time. Either way, it’s easy for employees to scoff at these changes if they’ve been set in motion before and failed. 

But through leading by example, you can inspire your employees to roll up their sleeves and contribute instead of rolling their eyes. You can also push forward as a team towards a more sustainable business for the betterment of the planet and your brand.

Showing You Mean Business

Making a big statement can really capture the attention of your customers and workers alike. Making a long-term commitment to using renewable energy via a more eco-conscious energy supplier can be a huge signifier of a real drive into the future of sustainable business practices. Delve into the options available to you through PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) and take some renewable business courses to show everyone that you mean business this time. 

Invest in innovative green tech that uses cloud technology, streamlines processes, and significantly decreases your need for paper. Be vocal about the amount of money you’re saving through renewable energy and reduced paper output. Look into ETRM systems for your energy commodities. Through this, you may discover how they can benefit your new vision of a faster, sleeker, more sustainable company.

Setting the Tone for New Sustainable Business Practices 

Hammer home the importance of sustainability. Make it a key principle of your brand so that it’s impossible to ignore. Take part in eco-friendly schemes and encourage others to do the same. If you set the tone and keep that sustainable message consistent, others will soon follow suit. 

Continual Updates on the Progress 

Use your website and other marketing tools as a way to promote how you have grown and developed your sustainable business practices. Provide customers and employees with regular updates about what you’ve achieved as a business. Detail how grateful you are for everyone’s effort to help the environment. Doing this will pique the interest of your customers and show employees that this isn’t some flash-in-the-pan initiative.

Creating Momentum that Others Will Follow 

Implementing the steps above will inspire your team to take action and follow the example you’ve set. Once everyone is on board and aiming for the same sustainability goals, your business can proudly embrace your greener practices. Your company may then benefit from the money saved and brand recognition that you’ve gained at the same time. You may also see an influx of outside investment due to the popularity of sustainable investing.

Then, when you’re ready to set new sustainable goals, you’ll find the entire team ready to make it happen and exceed your expectations! 

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