Why Accounting Firms Need to Use DaaS
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Why Accounting Firms Need to Use DaaS

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a type of technology that can enable companies to offer remote work. Here we cover all of the details.

The accounting industry is one of busiest industries in the world with clients always looking for accounting professionals that can provide constant attention to their finances.

Because most accounting firms have realized over time that catering to an extensive and global client base is not possible while sitting behind a desk all day, many have started to utilize Desktop as a Service (DAAS). The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to the plight of accountants, as remote working is not an option now – it’s a necessity. This article will detail why accounting firms need to use Daas.

Why Accounting Firms Need to Use DaaS – Overview

CPA firms, accounting firms, banks and many other businesses have started not only looking for remote working solutions that can help them sustain business during these trying times but also one they can deploy in the future.         

When it comes to remote working solutions, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is second to none. It is a third-party service, where a provider offers you virtual desktops that are created on the provider’s cloud infrastructure.

You can let the service provider know your desktop requirements (number of desktops, configuration, data storage, etc.), and they will provide the desktops almost instantly.

Let’s see a few aspects that make DaaS the perfect fit for the modern accounting remote workforce.

Advantages of DaaS

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Remote work means that you can work from locations other than your office, such as the comfort of your home. But it does not necessarily imply that you can work from anywhere. For instance, you might have setup a home workspace in Auburn Hills, while your real office might be in New York. However, what if you want to access your desktop while attending a seminar in Pasadena.

Desktop as a Service gives you the ability to access your desktops from any location, 24/7. All you need is a moderate internet connection and a portable device – smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. This enhances your mobility, giving you the freedom to work at your convenience.

Cross-platform Capabilities

When you work on a single system in your office, your work becomes dependent on the well being of that system. But what if your local desktop or office laptop crashes abruptly, or the operating system fails? What contingency plans do you have to fall back on?

It can cause loss of data as well as billable hours from which it might be hard to recover.   

DaaS provides multi-device capabilities to the users working remotely. This means that you can access the virtual desktops from multiple devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Moreover, you can also access the desktops across multiple platforms, be it Android or macOS. As the virtual desktops are created in remote servers, it does not matter which device you use. You can pick up any device and login to your virtual desktop. 

Data Protection

The accounting data consists of critical financial information about clients that can in no way fall into the wrong hands. Data security issues are a serious concern for accounting firms when the workforce is working remotely. Especially when the world is witnessing an exponential growth of cyberattacks due to the COVID-19 crisis, the accounting professionals need to be careful more than ever. In the office premises, the IT department can ensure that they setup a secure working environment.

However, when the accountants are working remotely, this task becomes quite challenging.       

When you opt for DaaS, it becomes the responsibility of the service provider to ensure complete protection of your accounting data. As the virtual desktops are created in offsite data centers by the provider, the provider needs to ensure that the facility is secure from any unauthorized entry.

For this, they partner with the best-in-class data centers that deploy multi-level access. Moreover, to ensure a secure login process and data transmission from the virtual desktops to the endpoint, the providers deploy security safeguards, such as data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access controls, and many more.  

High-Performance Scalable Desktops

Although you might be working remotely, the devices you are using are still physical devices and have a specific configuration. As the volume of your accounting data and the number of applications increase with time, you need to upgrade the devices. Working remotely, it is highly unfeasible for the local IT team to upgrade your system at home.

However, in the case of DaaS, there is no such problem. As the desktops are virtual, they can be upgraded instantly by the provider. Moreover, DaaS providers built the virtual desktops in High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment, which means that you can run multiple apps simultaneously without having to face any performance issues.    

Dedicated Support

IT support plays a huge role when an employee is working from home. He/she might face issues at any time that can cause a halt in the accounting process, if not attended to in time. However, it is not easy for the local team to resolve issues with the remote system.

They can either guide the employee or take the remote access of the system themselves, both not very efficient solutions.

If you opt for DaaS, most competent service providers offer round-the-clock support through call, chat, or email. Hence, you can call them anytime for any issues regarding the virtual desktops. Since they own the hardware, it is very easy for them to offer a swift resolution.

Why Accounting Firms Need to Use DaaS – DaaS is the Best Solution for Remote Work

Desktop as a Service is a scalable, mobile, and secure solution for your remote accounting workforce. As the accountants can work from their preferred locations, be it a park, coffee shop, or home without worrying about the security, it helps in relieving mental stress.

Opting DaaS also enhances your productivity as the virtual desktops can be accessed from multiple devices and are always available.  

Especially during the COVID-19 situation, when the entire workforce is working remotely, DaaS can come as a relief for the accounting professionals.

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