Why CPA Firms Should Outsource Bookkeeping Services

Is outsourcing a good option?

The accounting industry is getting more competitive each year. To stay ahead of the game, firms not only have to deliver varied services consistently at reasonable rates, but also need to be more flexible as far as their work schedules.  In an industry where every minute counts, why waste a CPA’s precious (and expensive) time with simple, time-consuming tasks such as booking, payroll accounting, and managing tax returns?

So, how can a firm maximize their efficiency and profits while also maximizing the value returned to clients?  The answer is by outsourcing.

Bookkeeping, for instance, is one of the most time-consuming tasks an accountant will do and it also does not add that much value for the firm. It may be simple, but this activity requires a high degree of attention and needs to be done right. Therefore, if a firm decides to outsource, it is important to partner with a credible outsourcing firm who uses trained professionals ( because remember, attention to detail is paramount).

Outsourcing bookkeeping allows CPAs to use their time more efficiently to focus on value-added services such as tax planning, investments, wealth planning, financial disclosures, and advising clients.

Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services include:

  • Flexibility to take on clients who use software CPA firms don’t use but the outsourcing firm will as they use a variety of more advanced software packages.
  • Increased quality control measures which ensure the service they provide to the CPA Firm is what they agreed upon.
  • Highly skilled and trained accountants to complete the menial task of bookkeeping.
  • Faster turn-around time of work.
  • Cost savings which can be passed down to clients (it’s all about keeping prices competitive).  The firm will save office space, extra workstations costs, and staffing expenses.

While many CPA firms have adopted outsourcing methods and are happily sending their high-volume, low-skilled work across the globe, many believe that they will not have control and that the data is not secure, two huge outsourcing myths.

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