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Why Every Fleet Manager Should Use Tachographs

Tachographs are a necessary tool to make sure your fleet drivers are following the rules of the road.

Tachographs are an incredibly useful tool. Not only do they improve the safety of your fleet, they also ensure regulations are adhered to. Analyzing tachograph data means that a fleet manager is able to keep track of their drivers’ activities. Data that is recorded includes speed, distance and location. 

The use of tachographs is compulsory. This means that if you are a fleet manager, you have an obligation by law to ensure they are in use. However, tachographs also provide useful feedback for you about driver activity. It can also divulge any action that may be in your best interest to address.

Are you a fleet manager that is wondering how tachographs can improve safety for your fleet? Well keep reading.

A Quick Intro on Tachographs

You may be wondering – what are tachographs? As a small business owner with a fleet of vehicles, you must know what tachographs are. This is especially true if you business ships goods itself, moves items for customers, or makes deliveries.

A tachograph is simply a device that fits to a vehicle that records driving data. This data includes speed, driving time, and distance. They are in use to ensure drivers follow regulations put in place. An example of these regulations include the amount of time drivers are spending behind the wheel.

Simply put – if your business involves driving, you should look into tachographs.

How Tachographs Improve Safety

The dangers of both speeding and tiredness at the wheel from long driving hours have been significantly reduced since the introduction of compulsory tachographs in the 1980’s. Fleet managers are now able to ensure that drivers are staying within the maximum amount of driving hours. This is greatly reducing the chances of accidents caused by fatigue behind the wheel.

Without tachographs, there can be no regulation of if or when drivers are stopping for compulsory breaks and resting, driving carefully, and following rules.

As tachographs have developed over the decades, they have also improved the level of safety and information they provide. Tachographs and tachograph analysis technology are constantly developing and provide new, innovative ways for managers to both streamline their work whilst maintaining high levels of safety for their fleet.

How To Use Tachograph Solutions 

Keeping track of tachograph information will be easier for you as a fleet manager by using tachograph analysis software. One example is the full-service option offering by FleetGO. By analyzing data to ensure compliance, the software allows you to observe and monitor your fleet more efficiently and reduces the hassle and time it would take for you to analyze the information manually.

Therefore, tachographs and tachograph analysis software are essential tools for all fleet managers in maintaining and supporting efficient and law-abiding fleets. Not to mention that tachograph analysis software will make your job as a fleet manager far more streamlined and efficient, creating time for you to focus on other aspects of the job.

Laws and Regulations Regarding Tachographs

Analyzing tachograph data helps fleet managers to ensure their fleet is not breaking rules, as well as flagging up any issues in the driver’s activity for the company. There are harsh fines for fleets breaking regulations.

As a fleet manager it is within your interest to ensure your fleet is fitted correctly with tachographs that meet current standards. You must also ensure tachographs analysis data shows your fleet is following the laws and regulations necessary. By doing so, you can create better working conditions both for the fleet drivers in your team and for yourself.

Fleet Managers Need to Use Tachographs

Tachographs and tachograph analysis software is imperative to any business involved in driving. More specifically, if the business ships goods, and has its own fleet of vehicles. If you are a business owner whos business manages a fleet, you need to look into this technology. These devises and the technology can help you avoid hefty fines for breaking regulations. Not only is this bad for you business, but can reflect poorly on your management skills.

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