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Why You Should Use Wiley to Help You Pass the CFA Exams

Studying for each level of the CFA program is a huge time commitment. Increase your chances of passing by using Wiley CFA study materials.

If you are reading this then it is safe to assume that you are either contemplating becoming a candidate in the CFA Institute’s Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program or you are currently a candidate in one of the three levels. 

Make no mistake, pursuing this designation is a huge time commitment.  Because of this, you may want to increase your chances of passing.  A great way to do this is by purchasing CFA exam study and review materials from a respected source such as Wiley.

Here I will detail why you should use Wiley to help you pass the CFA exams.

Benefits of Using Wiley CFA Study Materials 

As I previously mentioned, pursuing the CFA designation is a huge time commitment, with the CFA Institute recommending that candidates spend at least 300 hours studying just for the first level.  Your time is not the only thing that you will spend while one this journey as there is a fee to sit for each level.

Considering the time and financial commitment, you may want to purchase CFA study materials.  This decision is definitely recommended, as these materials have been designed specifically to help you pass.  Although the CFA Institute does provide materials to help you study for each level, these resources are limited in their capabilities and do not come even close to what companies, specifically Wiley, are offering.

In the end the decision is up to you – but would you rather save the money by not purchasing supplementary study materials and risk failing and wasting registration fees as well as a year of your life?  Or would you prefer to do everything you can to hedge the chances of passing and getting you one step closer to being a charter holder?

Why You Should Use Wiley to Help You Pass the CFA Exams

If you do decide to purchase additional study materials, then fortunately for you, there are a ton to choose from.  After searching online and after reading through many reviews, I decided that Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course suited all of my needs, and even went above and beyond what I was looking for.

I made the decision to purchase this package at a great time because I was able to buy the materials at a 20% discount through a promotion Wiley was running. If you are thinking about purchasing Wiley materials you are in luck – they are also offering you a 20% discount if you use the promo code DAILY20. All you have to do is apply this code at checkout.

Feel free to follow this link for more details on specific packages that Wiley is currently offering. And remember, use the promo code DAILY20 at checkout for an awesome 20% discount!

Now, what are the reasons why you should use Wiley to help you pass the CFA exams?

What is included?

If you opt to purchase the Gold course like I did, prepare to be amazed at how much is included. With Wiley, you aren’t just getting a Sparknotes or condensed version of the text books.  Instead, you will have access to digestible lessons that are designed to emphasize the specific CFA Learning Outcome Statements (LOS), as well as online mentoring and live online virtual classes, 90+ hours of video lectures, and a personalized study guide that includes an interactive calendar detailing when you need to get lessons completed by.

After getting through each lesson, you can then apply your knowledge to any of the 1,000+ practice questions.  Lastly, you will also have access to two, full length mock exams.  You also can’t forget about the formula sheets and flashcards.

Another reason why you should use Wiley to help you pass the CFA exams is because with your purchase of the Gold course, you will be able to access their mobile study application and a convenient eBook so you can study whenever and wherever you are.

Throughout the time you are studying, you will also be able to track your progress on lessons, and see the results of your practice assessments through Wiley’s performance metrics dashboard. Your progress and answers are tracked so you can see what sections you are strong in as well as the areas that you should spend more time studying on.

Why You Should Use Wiley to Help You Pass the CFA Exams – Summary

There are many reasons why you may want to or have decided already to pursue the CFA designation. First off, it is globally recognized and very well respected across multiple industries.  You may also want to become a charter holder possibly for a career change (i.e. a switch from a back office/operational position to more of a front office role), or for a much deserved promotion or pay bump.

In order to increase your chances of passing each level on your first try (which will ultimately save you a lot of time and money) you should consider purchasing supplementary study materials like Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course as this package includes every resource that you will need to get a passing score.

I hope this article detailing why you should use Wiley to help you pass the CFA exams was useful in helping you decide if you should purchase CFA exam study materials. 

Be sure to check out this section of the site to keep up to date on my journey with Wiley’s Level I CFA® Gold Course.  I will be posting additional articles detailing this package as well as other reasons why you should use Wiley to help you pass the CFA exams.

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