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6 Successful Small Business Ideas for Students

There are a ton of ways that you can make money as a full time student.

Living on a student budget is a challenging task. Many times students are forced to work part-time jobs to support themselves. Unfortunately, this can cut into your studying and social time. Tired of working a boring job just to get by? Well here are a few successful small business ideas for students.

Writing Company

As a student, one skill you most likely developed, is the ability to write high-quality assignments. Many times you are capable of doing so even with the threat of a looming deadline right around the corner. You can capitalize on this skill by offering to write content for a variety of clients.

Students are always short on time, so you can choose them as your target market and write my essay in 6 hours service to help you. You can add this to your studying time, and due to the large number of students who prefer using custom writing services, you will not be short of customers. Within a limited time, you will be able to generate enough cash that you can quit your part-time job and focus on just writing services.

Take note – your clientele should not be limited to students only. You can drop your resume at multiple writing and content writer jobs. This way, you can work with a well-established organization and write advertising and marketing content for them. These jobs are online and are a stable source of income. This small business idea for students is among the top options on this list.

You can work as a freelancer and sign up for websites like Upwork and Fiverr. These are platforms that will connect you to clients, depending on your expertise. For example, if you specialize in writing descriptive essays, you will be suggested to people who want to hire someone to craft them.

Start a Website

One of the most simple and easy college business ideas for students to earn a living without much hassle is to start a website. You can create a website yourself after watching a few tutorials on YouTube. You can even hire one of your classmates pursuing a career in IT to get your website off the ground!

An advantage of starting a website is that you can tailor every aspect to your liking. Once the website is set up, you can start blogging or use it in other ways to generate revenue. A few ways you can make money from your website include:

You can work with different brands and get them to sponsor you. If they sponsor you, then you get paid to post content about their product or service.

Selling Products

Another way to make money from you website is by creating a product and selling it to customers. However, if you can’t actually manufacture or produce the product, you can act as an intermediary. For example, you can stock up on particular items, advertise and sell them on your website to generate sales.

Write Reviews

Many companies hire freelance bloggers to write reviews of their products as a marketing tool. Therefore, you can contact such an organization and write reviews. Furthermore, they will send you the review items for free, thus reducing your expenses.

Affiliate Marketing

One more method of generating revenue from your own website is by advertising a product or service for a company on your website. If your advertising generates a sale through a link associated with your website, then you get a commission on each sale.

Drop Shipping

Another one of the great business ideas for students is drop shipping. Drop shipping is a form of e-commerce where the intermediaries regulate the direct shipping of products to the customer from the seller. It is cost-effective as there are no inventory holding costs or warehousing costs. 

As a student, drop shipping is an excellent first step into the e-commerce world. This way to make money requires very little financial investment. Plus, the actual work is not very time-consuming so you will be able to balance your academics with the business in an efficient manner.

Here is a list of products that you may consider selling through drop shipping:

  • Kitchen sets
  • USB and phone chargers
  • LED lamps
  • Essential oils
  • Tote bags
  • Pet accessories like pet clothing
  • Makeup and makeup accessories like brushes.

Social Media Management

As a student in this generation, you are already a part of several social media networks. You may not know it but you can make social media a source of income. Tons of people out there make money from TikTok and other social media applications.

In addition to this, several organizations have social media platforms as a part of their marketing campaigns. Many times these companies prefer to outsource the management of these platforms to people that are more aware of current trends.

Managing social media is one of the best business ideas for students. The job entails creating posts, surveys, and hashtags aligning with the company’s marketing strategies and customer interests. It requires a bit of creativity and staying up to date with social media trends, but can be very fun and rewarding.

Motivational Apps

People have a busy schedule and often feel unmotivated and exhausted because of it. So, you can start a motivational platform in the form of an app. You can write blogs, send customized messages and even hold lectures. You can make money by charging for these services.

In addition to this, you can create a goal tracker function in your app and gift people coupons and vouchers for succeeding in their goals. These coupons and vouchers can be promotional tools by companies that have sponsored you.

Pet Sitting

Do you love pets? Well one of the many business ideas for students is pet sitting. It is similar to the concept of babysitting, but instead of children, you have to look after pets. 

Most working people do not like to leave their pets home alone but choose between working long hours and expensive pet daycare centers. So, you are their saving grace. If you keep your charges reasonable, you can acquire regular customers, which will become a stable source of income for you.

Pet sitting can be very enjoyable – who doesn’t like to get paid for playing with a dog? Plus, pet sitting can be a great source of exercise and fresh air as you most likely will need to walk the pet you are watching.

You can start by using the word-of-mouth technique to spread the name of your services. Family, friends, and colleagues can help, and it is a cost-effective marketing technique. You can even set up a Facebook page as a platform to both attract customers and interact with them. Lastly, you can even register with established pet sitting websites such as or Paw Shake.

The Best Business Ideas for Students – Summary

There are many different business ideas for students. If you are thinking about starting one for yourself, the trick is to keep it simple and operate using the resources you have. You can create a website or a pet sitting service at very low cost. The best thing about these business ideas for students is that you can generate revenue and get business experience all while still having time for your academic studies.

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