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How to Make Money from TikTok

Are you looking for a way to earn extra cash while having fun? Creating TikTok content may be your answer!

Are you having fun making videos on TikTok? Great! But you should know that there are plenty of ways to make money from TikTok. Are you interested to know how? Then check out our list of the best ways to monetize your TikTok account.

Make Money From TikTok – Overview

Building multiple revenue streams is vital to ensure financial security. If you lose your job for some unforeseen reason, you can always fall back to your alternative sources of income to make extra cash. But does that mean you need to work in multiple places? Not necessarily.

In 2021, there are many ways to combine leisure activities with making money. For example, you can start a blog writing about your passions. If you’ve discovered the joys of making TikTok videos, that’s can be a fortune in itself.

This platform offers plenty of ways to make money just by using your phone. The best part is that you can do it while having fun producing amusing video clips. In this clips you can advertise the product, services, or promos of your partner’s brand.

Does that sound like something you’d like to take advantage of? Then keep reading! Here we discuss our top methods to make money at home via your TikTok account.

Receiving Donations

In many ways, TikTok has made monetization pretty easy for its users. With its built-in features like the ability to collect donations, you can make money daily that can amount to thousands of dollars each month. The only challenging part about this method is that you need at least a thousand followers to get started.

However, if you actively put out fun and exciting content, it shouldn’t take you too long to amass a thousand subscribers. Since TikTok is still a relatively young platform with fewer users, it’s much easier to get attention here than, for example, on Instagram.

Accepting donations starts by going Live on TikTok. And during this session, your subscribers can transfer coins ($1.39 is the price for a hundred coins) as a “thank you” for all the content you produce. Later, you can exchange the coins into diamonds and use your PayPal account to turn the gems into real money.

Offer Your Services as an Account Manager

The thing is that many TikTok creators have gained millions of subscribers to their content pretty much overnight. They don’t always know what to do with this quick success. If you have some experience handling the business side of your own TikTok account, you can step in and offer your expertise to the newcomers. Some of your services might include managing the business deals, coming up with a creative strategy, or contributing to content ideas.

As a side note, you can also make money blogging about business strategies on TikTok. Providing free valuable advice is an excellent way to get attention to your methods and attract new readers (some of the subscribers might even turn into your clients later). Once you have enough people following your posts, you can venture into affiliate marketing and start promoting other brands in your posts.

Partner Up With Your Favorite Brands

Continuing with the best ways to make money from TikTok, creating sponsored content definitely tops the list. It’s called influencer marketing, and in a nutshell, it means making a video of you talking about the benefits of a company’s products and receiving a fee for your services. For example, you could make videos applying various skin care products of a specific brand and talk about how the products improve your skin health.

When reaching out to a business to promote its products and services, choose a brand that wouldn’t alienate your existing audience. If you’re not sure whether or not your viewers would appreciate a specific product, you can always go with something everybody likes. Popular phone games, for example, align with most young people’s interests. So partnering up with a gaming brand to promote their products is a surefire opportunity to make additional money.

Growing and Selling the TikTok Accounts

Growing your account starts by creating lots of entertaining content. However, if you aim at selling your account later, it’s good to pick a niche right from the start. Then you can make videos that cater to the interest of a specific audience. If the viewers you attract match with the target audience of a brand, you have a high chance of selling them your account. Every company would love to get access to numerous qualified leads and is willing to pay for it.

The cool thing is that this method works to make money using your phone only. If you’ve been to TikTok, you’ve noticed that the videos do not need to have high quality to attract viewers. You can make a simple clip with your mobile device’s camera, and it has the potential to go viral. The most important thing is to keep the content light and humorous. That’s what people like.

How to Make Money From TikTok – Summary

So these were our top ways how to make money from TikTok. These are great opportunities as a student or even a full-time employee. You can receive donations from your fans, partner up with your favorite brands, manage other people’s accounts, or even sell your TikTok famous username. Whichever method you prefer, one thing’s for sure: if you put in the time and effort, TikTok can make you plenty of money. It’s all up to you.

Did we miss any of your favorite tips on how to make money on TikTok? Let us know your methods in the comments!

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