Career Paths for Accounting Majors
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6 Unique Career Paths For Accounting Majors

If you are studying accounting, then you have a ton of career options. Here are a few!

Death to the stereotype of the boring accountant. An accounting major opens you up to so much more than tax accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. Of course, there is nothing wrong with these popular positions if they’re what you are currently doing (or seeking). If you’re curious about alternative career paths, here are six unique career paths for accounting majors.

Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Specialist

Self-Managed Superannuation is known for being a lot more complex to manage compared to industry funds. Plenty of people who choose the SMSF route will enlist the help of a professional. This is where SMSF accountants come in.

This occupation involves overseeing people’s super funds, ensuring they are set-up and managed correctly and in compliance with regulations. Since it’s a form of retirement saving, a dedicated SMSF accountant can keep their clientele for years. Plus there’s no end to the opportunities for growth.

Finance Writer

If you’re interested in finance news, theories, and storytelling but prefer not to work in an accounting position then perhaps a more creative role is for you. This career path requires strong writing skills, but these can be achieved with practice and research.

If you have no experience in writing or anything media-related, you can start by volunteering. Reach out to small finance or business-focused blogs and ask to write content.You can also seek out work on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiver. Your accounting background will work in your favor.

Forensic Accountant

Another one of the career paths for accounting majors is forensic accounting. It sounds cool and niche, but forensic accounting is actually very in-demand. This is a specialist area in accounting where your role is to investigate cases of financial misconduct. You will also provide analyses to be used in court and legal proceedings.

If you are interested in combining your accounting skills with investigative practices and living your crime TV drama dreams, this might for you!

Freelance Accountant

Perhaps you’re interested in accounting duties but are not sold on the idea of working for an accounting firm long-term? Then, freelance accounting might just be perfect for you. Given the rise of the gig economy and remote work, it’s arguably never been easier to be self-employed.

It might be challenging to find and maintain your first clients, but you can explore work opportunities for tax and finance help. Sear for posts on Gumtree, Airtasker, and other gig apps.

Not-For-Profit Accounting and Finance

This is a very broad field because not-for-profit organizations exist in every industry and field of interest. If you have found yourself involved or interested in a particular NFP, however, serving as its accountant or finance expert can be extremely rewarding.

Not only will you be putting the skills you obtained during your studies to use, but you are also likely to have a more dynamic role and hands-on opportunities. This is because NFPs often have smaller management teams of individuals interested in the organization’s cause.

Property Accountant

One more of the career paths for accounting majors is a property accountant. Property accountants assist residential and commercial real estate agents and property managers by overseeing their investment portfolios, budgets, and property-related finances.

An accounting degree and some management accounting experience are required for this role, along with any experience in the property industry. If you have a keen interest in property or are an investor yourself, this career could be very fulfilling for you.

6 Unique Career Paths For Accounting Majors – Summary

There are many career paths for accounting majors. The 6 listed above are jsut a few. Now that you have a broader perspective on your prospects, where do you see your career taking you in five years’ time?

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