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How Visual Learning Will Help You Pass the CPA Exam

Visual learning is an approach that has been used for years. Learn about how visual learning can help you pass the CPA exam!

It’s 3 a.m. and Elijah is lying in bed dreading the hours of multiple choice questions on intercompany transactions that will smack him in the face tomorrow morning. He is wondering how he will pass the CPA exam.

“How am I going to get through all of these? Or worse yet, what if I don’t pass the FAR exam for a third time? What will happen to my career? Will my company fire me if I can’t pass the CPA exam?”

Elijah is one of the 75,000+ students who take the CPA exam every year. As many of you know, FAR, along with the other CPA exam sections, has a passing rate that hovers around 49%.

With most students studying for 100+ hours per exam, the CPA exam completely consumes their lives. Finding out you failed an exam is a huge punch in the face. Without the CPA license, the career path for an accounting professional can become very limited. 

In another part of the universe at 3 a.m, Joey Reeve, co-founder of Universal CPA Review, is also lying in bed thinking about the CPA exam, but his thoughts are much different. He’s wondering:

“How can I make studying for the CPA exam easier, more efficient, and ultimately more effective? Can we increase that 49% passing rate?” 

These are the thoughts that had been going on for six years, and now have led to the creation of a new and innovative CPA study platform called Universal CPA Review.

What is Universal CPA Review and how will it help me pass the CPA exam?

“Initially, I started creating the content that is now Universal CPA Review for my own studying. I created images and a systematic approach to break down the complex information and help me learn it more effectively. I passed all four sections of the CPA exam and it became my mission to help others pass the exam as well,” says Joey. 

Universal CPA Review is mixing up the CPA review space with a platform that focuses on visual learning with a tutor-style approach.

Visual learning is a style of learning that focuses on images instead of text.

It has been proven to help students process information 60,000x faster and has a 42% higher retention rate. Visual learning has been incorporated into every aspect of the Universal CPA Review platform.

One of Elijah’s college professors told him about Universal CPA Review while he was starting to study for FAR yet again. This was his 3rd attempt at FAR, and he had been using other CPA review platforms for previous attempts.

How does the visual learning approach compare?

According to Elijah, “The multiple choice questions on Universal were effective and motivating. The combination of the images and the references to everyday life, such as skiing in Colorado or surfing in Hawaii, made it easy to keep going. I no longer had to stay up at night worrying about how I was going to get all the multiple choice questions done. Between the videos, the images, and the references to everyday things, I knew I could get it all done with Universal CPA Review. And guess what, I received a passing score of 84 and now I can become a CPA!” 

The graphic below is one of the thousands of images created by Universal CPA Review to break down exam topics into a simpler form.

Images aren’t the only thing that Universal CPA Review provides.

These images are not the only thing that sets Universal CPA Review apart from the other platforms. For each MCQ and simulation, the Universal platform has detailed instructional videos that use visual learning to provide a step by step approach to identifying the correct answer. You can think of Universal as your digital tutor.

“In other CPA review courses, we estimate that students spend 10 minutes per multiple choice question. Once they answer it, they then have to go back through the materials and figure out why they got it right or wrong. With our platform, there is no searching through the lectures or textbook. The detailed explanation is right in front of you as seen in the example above. This not only helps students learn the information, but it also allows students to be more efficient during their study sessions” says Joey.

Questions like the one seen above are used in the Universal Platform to help students stay engaged and to help them remember the information. 

“Having something to associate the information with helps with retention. When you are taking the exam and see a question on intercompany eliminations, we want you to instantly remember, ‘Oh yeah that’s the topic where they talked about Hawaii and now I can visualize the answer’. Just think about why humans hang pictures up on the walls of their home or office. Images stimulate our emotions and allow us to go back in time and relive the experience”, says Joey.

More about Universal CPA Review

Universal CPA Review is here to revolutionize the way you study for the CPA exam. Visual learning is not a new concept. It has been used for years in K-12, and more recently was used by a company in the medical test prep space. It is time for the CPA Exam to fully embrace the power of visual learning. 

When you are ready to make your studying easier, efficient, and more effective, visit and start a free 14-day trial.

You can also visit the Universal YouTube channel to find more MCQ videos like the one above. At this point, you know where you’re going, and Universal is here to help get you there.

For more information about Universal CPA review and a free trial of their awesome review program, visit their resources page here!

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