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How a Lawyer Can Increase Payout in Premises Liability Case

You can greatly benefit from hiring a lawyer if you are involved in a premises liability case.

If you’re looking for an expert premises liability lawyer, take the time to find one who can help negotiate for the best possible outcome. A lawyer who specializes in premises liability cases might be able to help you secure a higher settlement than you would otherwise receive.

A skilled attorney will know how to read between the lines of an insurance policy and reduce insurers’ liability. They’ll also know how to make them accountable for any shortcomings in their policies and procedures. This way, it doesn’t cost their clients anything more.

Determining the Proper Amount of Compensation to Request

Most defendants who are responsible for injuries that occur on their properties will make a settlement offer. To determine how much you should request, the lawyer will consider several factors, including:

Medical Expenses

If you were injured, medical expenses might be one of the most significant costs associated with your injury. The lawyer will negotiate with the defendant to include any reasonable medical expenses related to your injury claim in the settlement amount.

The Severity of Injury

The severity of your injuries is another important consideration. Your lawyer will use it to calculate damages for you and the defendant.

Aggravation of Injury

One can calculate aggravation by multiplying the probability that a similar injury would occur in the future by the cost to avert this situation. This factor can make up a significant portion of your damages.

Negotiating a Settlement

Once the lawyer determines a reasonable amount to request, they will negotiate with the defendant for a settlement. If you do not reach an agreement, the case will go to trial. At trial, the lawyer may be able to prove that you were entitled to more compensation than you were actually awarded in your claim. The amount of damages awarded can be increased through this process.

A Lawyer Can Get You a Higher Settlement in Premises Liability Cases

If you’re facing a premises liability claim, insurance companies often try to blame you for your injuries as part of their attempt to deny your claim. Additionally, insurance companies often want you to settle your case for below-market value. This usually occurs to compensate for the cost of investigative services and legal defense. Hiring an attorney specializing in premises liability cases makes it possible to get a higher settlement in premises liability cases. 

Let’s say you suffered an injury at work and your employer refused to pay reasonable compensation for your injuries. In these cases, you can sue your employer for the damage done. Since an employer’s duty to protect employees is based on reasonable efforts, not perfection, you can win a lawsuit if they failed to provide the reasonable protections that most employers of a similar nature would have provided. That’s why a lawyer specializing in premises liability cases could be valuable to your claim.

Similarly, an attorney can help you find a medical expert to testify about your injuries’ impact on your life. Lawyers need to have medical experts on their side to help them prove the damages their clients have suffered. Attorneys can help you choose the right doctor to give you the best possible care and help you win the compensation that you deserve.

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