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Calculating Economic and Non-economic Damages in a Bus Accident

A bus accident can have life altering impact on those involved.

A bus accident may have tremendous human and financial damage. It’s not easy if you’ve never had to calculate economic and non-economic damages before. 

To calculate the damages a plaintiff may receive in a bus accident case, one must consider two measurements.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are what a plaintiff would receive if they were to suffer a trauma or injury in a bus accident. This can consist of lost wages and medical expenses.

The following are ways in which one may adequately calculate economic damages in a bus accident.

Lost Property

One can calculate property damages by looking at the value of the property lost during the accident. Lost property can arise from a plaintiff’s personal belongings or business loss. An attorney will help individuals by advising them on calculating lost property damages effectively.

One can calculate the value of property loss due to a bus accident by looking at the item’s value before the accident. Then subtract any depreciation, damage, or loss in value. This would be how one arrives at the value of their lost property.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses may include visiting a doctor, receiving physical therapy, or purchasing medications. They may also include paying for MRIs and X-rays pertaining to your injuries. After receiving medical treatment, you must hire an attorney and together come up with the cost of each visit, test, and medication used in each visit.

Lost Income

Lost income could consist of wages you could earn while you were away from work and while you were recovering. In bus accident cases, one can calculate lost income by taking your weekly salary and subtracting the time it took to recover.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more commonly referred to as pain and suffering. These damages are calculated differently than economic damages. One must take extraordinary measures to make sure that you calculate these damages adequately in a bus accident case.

Non-economic damages may be calculated in the following ways.

Physical Pain and Suffering

An attorney will assess the level of pain and suffering by looking at your medical records and thoroughly evaluating your injuries, including the severity of the damages. You should also consider how long this pain and suffering will last and if it may affect your quality of life in the future.

Emotional Pain and Suffering

Emotional damage is often an overlooked area in a Bus Accident case. An experienced attorney will assess how the accident has affected your mental state and emotional level. Evaluating how this has affected you emotionally may include meeting with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Accessing Damages After a Bus Accident – Summary

To correctly calculate the damages a plaintiff may receive in a bus accident, there must be both economic and non-economic calculations. You must have an attorney on your side who will guide you through this process and seek fair compensation for your injuries.

A qualified lawyer will be able to help you to file a bus accident claim and correctly calculate your damages and will take all necessary steps to see that you receive your rightful compensation.

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