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How to Break Into the Tennessee Advertising Scene

Tennessee offers a ton of advertising opportunities for small businesses.

A handful of states in the U.S. have taken victory laps in recent years, outpacing growth and GDP numbers beyond what anyone thought possible just one decade ago. As remote workers and families quest for better weather and quality of life, Tennessee is at the top of the list for many. 

This means your business has the chance to supercharge its growth by tapping into the bustling Tennessee economy. This state offers a ton – from the fast-paced cities to the laid-back outskirts and rural regions. 

It will take more than a few Memphis billboards to succeed in the Volunteer State. With this in mind, we’ll show you how it’s done, here and now and discuss Tennessee advertising opportunities for your business.

Localize Your Branding

Like residents in Florida and Texas, the folks in Tennessee have mixed feelings about all these outsiders pouring into the state for the first time. It’s only fair that new people and businesses are met with some skepticism. Be prepared to prove yourself to make a strong impression.

This means learning about the culture and community aspects of Tennessee in both the cities and towns, rather than trying to apply a northern or coastal approach to the south. If you meet Tennessee citizens on their turf and show respect for their traditions, you’ll have a better chance of thriving. 

In your Tennessee advertising initiatives, make specific references to the region and understand what matters to people most. For instance, they tend to like trucks more than electric cars, and opt for barbeque over vegan cuisine.

The point is to avoid the faceless, nameless branding of global companies and keep things local and relatable. This is how you win over the Tennessee crowd, whether through digital advertising, Memphis billboards, or other formats.

Downtown Development

With over a million people in both Nashville and Memphis, you’ve got a broad and dense population to connect with. The downtown areas in each city are revitalized and brimming with commerce at every level. It is important to establish a presence and get a piece of the pie.

This requires a complete OOH advertising game plan in both Nashville and Memphis, targeting arts and business districts, as well as growing residential neighborhoods. Determine the main demographics and craft your Tennessee advertising to fit the lifestyles and priorities of the people who live there.

For example, a street furniture advert on Bourbon Street in Nashville may look different from Memphis billboards near a retirement community. 

Each neighborhood has a distinct vibe, even in the downtown geography. Be sure to put in the work on the ground when deciding about Tennessee advertising. Try to see exactly what each region offers and who to target.

Take to the Highways

Interstate 40 connects Nashville to Memphis going east to west. Make this your top priority when coordinating your next Tennessee advertising opportunity such as a Memphis billboards. From there, look into advertising along the 24. This brings travelers from Nashville to the southeastern part of the state towards Chattanooga and Atlanta.

Outside of city centers, car culture is the norm in Tennessee. Highways are busier than ever with the fast-growing population. Don’t overlook the 65, which runs north to south, going from Louisville down to Birmingham. 

Music, Sports, and More

The people in Tennessee love to eat, play live music, and root for the local team. 

The Titans in the NFL, the NHL’s Predators, and plenty of college teams offer advertising opportunities. These are great Tennessee advertising opportunities for your business to gain a foothold. If you plan to place Memphis billboards on the way to Graceland or Sun Studio, you better have a musical theme in mind.

Get creative with your ads and find a way to connect the visuals and copy to these cultural staples in the region. It’s okay to be sentimental and slightly sappy. Reminder: Elvis is still a local legend, after all these years.

Loyalty Matters Most

You’ll find that the most successful businesses in the south aren’t the biggest or generate the most revenue annually. Instead, they are the ones that last the longest and stand the test of time through brand loyalty and local support.

It’s a different vibe from New York and L.A. In these locations, you may see trends change on a dime and businesses come and go rapidly. Understand this, and your ad strategy will focus on the big picture rather than short-term flash and flair.

This should also inspire you to generate loyalty and trust early on. You may want to consider using promotions and discounts for law enforcement, veterans, and first responders. These are the hometown heroes in small-town Tennessee, and they should be treated as such by your business. 

Rise to the Top in Tennessee

If your business is not native to Tennessee, it can be hard to break through in this competitive region. However, these tips will help you make the most of your Memphis billboards and all other tactics you choose to implement.

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