How to Find a Job as an Accountant
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How to Find a Job as an Accountant Right After Graduation

Recent grad? Here are some tips to find a job in accounting after graduation!

The CPA exams are not easy at all, and students find they might need a little help along the way. The course is quite demanding, however there is more that you should do besides just studying. Here we will detail how to find a job as an accountant right after graduation.


Studying for the CPA exam is no joke – you need to be fully devoted to the curriculum. If you are having difficulties, you can always look into a CPA tutor or a CPA review course. Studying for the exam is not the only thing you need to be doing though.

You also need to work on developing your resume. The professionals at Writix service can help prepare your resume while you focus on studying for the exams. Since they know what employers want to see, they will tailor-make a resume that shows your potential even if you are still developing your skills.

If you are currently looking for an accounting job, be sure to check out this great site that list a ton of promising openings in the world of accounting and finance!

So, here are some tips to land you an accounting job right out of college.


It is smart to get an internship before you start looking for a more solid option after college. What you learn in school is a great start, however getting first-hand experience at a place where you might be mentored sets you off the right foot.

When still in school, visit your career center to let them know you’re interested. The spring of your sophomore year is the ideal time for internships. Starting early will give you great professional experience and let you leverage what you have learned in the class room in the real world.

Build a Network

Many students get jobs right after college due to the connections they make. The career office at your school is a rich resource that will put you in touch with accounting alumni if you ask.

These are the same people that can use their network to get you an internship or even a full time job. This is a great opportunity as the lessons you learn through mentorship and interaction could be more valuable than what you study in class.

Stay Updated on Accounting Principles and Software

Although accounting principles and standards do not change that often, it helps to stay on top of them at all times. You want to know how to treat each item as you would post it if you were practicing at a real firm. This goes beyond the cramming that most students do when writing assignments. It is vital to have a deep understanding of how things work in the real world.

The same is true for accounting software. While many of them are similar, they all have their own nuances. Having at least an introductory knowledge of how they work will definitely be beneficial.

Tap into the Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great networking tool where you can meet possible mentors, and even connect with future employers. It also is a place where recruiters actively search for job candidates.

Use this site to your advantage. Post regularly about industry topics to show you have an understanding of your field. This will help you create valuable connections that could impact your career right from the start.

Be Fearless

You have nothing to lose, really, so do not be afraid to interact with other accountants, either in person or online. If you do not make a connection that could lead to a job, or a future mentor. A win-win situation, right?

How to Find a Job as an Accountant Right After Graduation – Summary

There are many things you should be doing to help you find a job right after college. Most of these should be started before you graduate, like looking for an internship, networking with professionals in your field, or finding a mentor. If you keep up to date on industry new and regulatory changes, this will also give you a leg up.

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