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The Best Accounting Software for Accountants

There are a ton of accounting software solutions on the market today. But which are the best? Here we review the best accounting software for accountants.

Accounting software is crucial for ensuring the smooth functioning of small and large businesses. Thankfully, there are numerous capable, full-featured software systems available these days. Not sure what is the right one for you or your accounting firm? Well here we will cover the best accounting software for accountants.

Today, there are hundreds of different accounting software solutions to choose from. Some of these are cloud-based accounting platforms, which are are much more comprehensive compared to standalone tax and invoicing software solutions. 

So, what is the best accounting software for accountants?

Best Accounting Software for Accountants

Netsuite ERP

Oracle’s NetSuite ERP does not need much of an introduction. Large and fast-growing medium-sized enterprises trust the platform.

The software is considered ideal for revenue management, expense management, and other accounting requirements. It can automate financial and revenue management, inventory and order management, as well as billing procedures.

The system’s accounting module can seamlessly integrate with other NetSuite solutions, including management tools, inventory, CRM, and e-commerce solutions. It offers real-time visibility into the financial health of the organization.

Complying with accounting regulations becomes easy for companies because financial reports can be generated promptly with the system’s revenue recognition management module. Small and large organizations can maintain an accurate general ledger with NetSuite’s general ledger feature. Managers can check in-depth information for each transaction and make smarter decisions.

The pricing of this cloud-based software depends on the contract length, user count, required add-on modules, and the overall ERP configuration. Overall, this is a great software system and definitely tops the list of best accounting software for accountants.


FreshBook’s cloud-based solution is one of the most appreciated systems by small business owners. The software has managed to create a strong user-base due to its ability to streamline client invoicing and a robust set of functionalities offered with pricing plans that are SMB-friendly. Even freelance accounts and booking professionals use this software for optimizing sales cycles and collections.

Complex financial management turns into something simple with FreshBooks. – individuals who do not have much knowledge of accounting can also easily use it. Professional looking invoices can be created within just a few clicks. Tasks like expenses and time tracking, client follow up can be automated.

The software also integrates easily with G Suite, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, and other third-party apps making life easy for small e-commerce players. The integration helps businesses get online payments faster.

FreshBooks can be accessed via Android and iOS apps, so entrepreneurs can access accounting and finance data from anywhere. There is a ‘freemium’ plan, as well as a premium version of the software that costs roughly around $15.00 per month. Again, the price factor depends on the features that the organization needs.

However, the price point and ease of use definitely gives FreshBooks an advantage over some of the larger more technical platforms, and is the reason why it is included in this list of the best accounting software for accountants.

Zoho Books

From keeping an eye on inventory, monitoring banking movements, performing billing procedures, tracking expenses to invoicing, Zoho Books is a feature-laden yet affordable solution.

The cloud-based accounting system also assists in online payments and managing VAT records, purchase orders management, and handling sales reports. The software helps in automating business workflows, finances, and can create GST compliant documentation. It is preferred by small businesses, sole traders, and freelancers, specifically in India.

Entrepreneurs can access all the features via apps along with desktop software.  There’s a version designed for large businesses as well. The software is offered in basic, standard, and professional versions.  Firms that offer outsourced accounting services assist customers in selecting the most suitable package and in implementing the system as well.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting’s unique selling point is its ability to provide compliance management capabilities, project accounting, and expense management in single software. The cloud-based invoice management system is ideal for small businesses that need automation in managing statements, price quotations, and estimates as well as payment-related documentation. 

Cash flow forecasting, tax management, accounts receivable, and even transaction history remains readily accessible on a singular dashboard. It helps management get accurate cash requirement estimates. The user interface is simple, so users can create and customize invoices easily.

Managing relationships and transactions with vendors becomes easy. Users can manually enter pricing, descriptions, categories, and other information about inventory items.  Firms can also reconcile accounts by linking credit cards as well as bank accounts to the system.

Tasks like viewing the company’s performance graphs, recording expenses, creating invoices can be performed using a mobile app as well. The software is available with three premium packages that come with features suitable for various businesses. Based on these characteristics, we had to include Sage Business Cloud Accounting’s solution on the list of the best accounting software for accountants.


More than 5000 B2B firms in the US use Charlotte, NC based AvidXchange as their payment solution and accounts payable management software. It provides a full suite of accounting tools with a superb configurable interface. Businesses can automate lengthy payment processes. The platform has dedicated modules for payment application, invoice processing, managing purchase orders, bill payments, and accounts payable management as well.

Players from different sectors, ranging from finance to real estate, prefer using AvidXchange due to its ability to mesh with existing operational processes.

Companies can boost productivity and minimize operational costs with the software’s intelligent approvals, automated payments, and electronic invoice capture features. Pricing varies, depending on the features and the user’s geographical location.

These software solutions are also trusted by virtual accounting firms that provide services to clients from around the world. Accounting outsourcing company chooses the software and premium features that the client may need. They also help in integrating these systems with the existing ERP, CRM, and other software.

The Best Accounting Software for Accountants – Summary

So, there it is, the best accounting software for accountants. Although we couldn’t cover all of the account software solutions on the market today, we did list the best of the best, including NetSuite ERP, FreshBooks, Zoho Books, Sage Business Cloud Accounting, and AvidXchange.

Do you have any experience using these software solutions? Let us know how you feel about them in the comments section below. Did we miss any? Be sure to tell us which ones you think should have made this list!

For more business and accounting technology related articles, be sure to check out this section of our site.

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