Why Your Accounting Firm Needs A Brand Identity

Accounting firms need a business identity too!

Every business has an identity: something that defines the owner, his team, his firm’s services and his clients collectively. Basically, a branding identity is an abstract amalgamation of all crucial elements that make a firm. A branding identity is the persona of any business.

Quite interestingly, many accounting firms don’t have a branding identity, and if yours is one of them, then you need to wake up and realize that you need to change that. It doesn’t matter which industry you operate in or how big or small your firm is – having an identity for your business will help you market your firm in the right manner.

1) It will help you map your target clients

You will not always have a perfect set of clients. Some clients will be profitable, some needy and difficult, and some downright discouraging. Put out the negative fire by letting go of such clients and taking on only those projects that add value to your firm’s identity.

2) It will make the team aware of your firm’s vision

It is easy to hire accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll managers. But what is really difficult during the recruitment process is finding willing employees who fit your corporate culture and will aid in carrying out your identity.  Having a brand identity that is easily recognizable will make the recruitment processes faster and smoother.

3) It will help to make marketing efforts consistent

The most important thing for an accounting firm is to have a stable marketing process across all platforms. This is critical because as a professional service your purpose is to build trust. Given the nature of the industry, you can’t escape this and must have the resources to promote yourself as a trustworthy supplier. Steady and consistent marketing that showcases your brand’s identity is what ultimately causes the clients to get in touch with you and do business with your firm.

Don’t miss out on great business opportunities because your business is missing a crucial element.  Determining brand identity should be something that is considered when creating your business plan.  It is never too late to create one, so if your firm doesn’t have one yet, get started.

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